26 March, 2013

Pinsperation {Katy Perry}

This week I chose Katy Perry as my pinsperation, or more specifically Katy's hair. I'm not really a fan of Katy, but I do like her choice to embrace the retro/rockabilly style.

Katy isn't afraid to try something new with her look. And she obviously doesn't care what people think. I really like that about her. I don't think I'd have the guts to have my hair in such bold colors.

There is also her pastel look, which I'm quite fond of.



Her natural look is quite nice as well.


Her Bettie Page inspired look is very pretty. I know someday I will try the Bettie Page inspired look.


What do you think of Katy's various looks?

25 March, 2013

Follow Me

On July 1st of this year Google reader will close. Now we bloggers will still be able to post entries with our blogger accounts, but we just won't be able to read any of our following through our feed. I guess Google in its infinite wisdom thought we didn't need to read our favorite blogs through Google reader.

How rude!!

Google reader quit on me a few weeks ago and I've been using my bloglovin' account since. {Anyone else having issues? I kind of wonder if that has anything to do with my lack of traffic on my blog.} I have been pretty sick this past week, which is why I haven't been stopping by and commenting regularly. Between the delirium and constant coughing I just took some time to relax.

Anyway, here are some options for you if you wish to continue to follow my blog {and I hope you do...}!

22 March, 2013

My Top 5 stores for Plus Size shopping

Recently Voluptuous Vintage Vixen did a post on Top 5 vintage dresses for under $100. The first person to comment mentioned that they were juniors sizes, not ladies misses or ladies women's sizes. Last time I checked juniors sizing was the furthest thing from plus size. And being a plus sized lady {I'll round my waist measurements to a 32" and my hip being 46"} I know what it is to be a considered a plus size gal and I can't get myself into those little juniors clothing. I barely could when I was a teen and when I did it was always a 2 or even 3X.

I have searched for some clothing options for clothing with actual ladies misses or ladies women's clothing sizing {not juniors} for the normal woman.

retro dresses under $100

Modcloth is a great way to find some plus sized clothing with a vintage flare and if you just want modern, they have that, too.

Vivien of Holloway
VOH plus size clothing

Usually goes up to a 38" waist and a 50" hip, which is nice for those ladies like myself who are plus sized. Though this is not a cost conscious store. If you want something from VOH, plan on forking out a pretty penny. However, I think it would be well worth the splurge.

HeyDay Clothing


HeyDay's items for ladies go up to a size 20 for a 48" hip and a 38" waist. Also Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage loves and swears by there trousers. And if a she swears by them, maybe all of us plus sized ladies need to invest in one of HeyDay's items?? Again, this is another splurge company.

New Vintage Lady

NVL is a pattern store on etsy filled with items and of course sewing patterns for the plus sized lady. Some of her patterns go up to a 46" and 48" bust and her ready made clothing, from her patterns, go up even more.


Mikarose is another affordable choice for plus sized ladies and their wonderful clothes with a vintage vibe are under $100 and go up to a 2X for a 36" waist and 47" hip and their knitwear will have a little give to it for those who might be just a size larger.

Personally I have no purchased from these companies, so I cannot say from personal experience, but if you search the feedback on modcloth or if you are a follower of Va-Voom vintage, you can judge for yourself what might work best for your figure.

13 March, 2013

Pinspiration {My Style}

I don't often share with you my own personal style. I am definitely not full time vintage {I'm more of a part time gal} and I'm okay with that. However my passion and love for vintage and antique clothing is full time. My love of vintage fashion stems from my love of history. I grew up wit Gramparents of the Greatest Generation and it's no doubt how much they inspire me today. My family even encourages me to sew, knit, and collect items for my vintage wardrobe.

my style - the fictionista #1

This is an idea of what my personal style. I live in blue jeans during the fall/winter months.

I'm pretty much of a casual preppy kind of gal...

I have a bit of a sassy side, too.

I love pretty clothes with a vintage vibe. 

More than anything else, I'm a modest woman who doesn't want to be covered from head to toe, and yet still keep my modest looks. {And you cannot say that dress isn't a simple and sexy look, c'mon that is reminiscent of Mad Men's Joan Holloway's wardrobe}.

I believe that is another reason why I adore vintage fashion. Those ladies could be elegant, lady like, sexy, and just plain beautiful even if it was a simple day dress or a well fitted suit. Since I have areas were I'm terribly self-conscious of, vintage fashion has helped me show more of who I am deep down inside.

12 March, 2013

Shop My Closet

A lot of bloggers have been doing Shop My Closet posts and I've recently started to list on ebay {even made a sale already}.  Here are a few of the items I'll be putting up for auction on my ebay shop.

Late 1930s silk velvet dress AS IS needs some TLC. I purchased it to fix up, but I'm too afraid I'll do more harm than good. Sz XS/S - $35.00

Liz Clairborne 1940s His Girl Friday style shoes. Sz 8 1/2 - $25.00

Fashion Bug Marlene Dietrich style heels. Sz 9. I accidentally picked up the wrong size, they've only been worn once - $25.00

80s does 30s/40s dress. Sz Medium to Large 30" waist - $25.00

80s does 40s jewel red blouse PLUS SIZE. I purchased this and thought it would fit. Ended up being too big. Never worn - $20.00

If there is anything that you, or someone you know, might be interested in these items please contact me via email on the sidebar of my blog.

10 March, 2013

Giveaway Alert!!

The Rockabilly Socialite is holding a giveaway!! So hop on over to her blog for more info on how to win a playsuit.

09 March, 2013


I finally managed to learn how to list an item on ebay!! Yay for me! Anyway, if there is anything you may be interested that I have listed, please shoot me off an email {you can find my email link on the sidebar} and I'll give you the direct link! I'll even edit it as a private listing for you so you don't have to duke it out with the bidding process!!

1920s/1930s art deco flapper cloche - $45

1920s/1930s style wool art deco cloche - $25

1950s shirtwaist dress with matching belt sz M but could fit smaller - $30

Rockabilly pinup repro dress. It states it's a 3X, but it's more of a sz M to large. However might be able to fit someone smaller. - $60

Again, if you, or you may know someone interested, please contact me via email.

07 March, 2013

Marilyn Monroe at Macy's!!! {UPDATED}

If you've been following me long enough on here, you know I adore all things Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop {probably because they are so similar to one another} and when my sister shared with me a link that Macy's was unveiling their new MM clothing line I of course wanted them ALL!!! Which is why I'm going to be listing some items on my ebay today and tomorrow and hopefully I can get some dough in my pocket for these!!

But which ones do I want the most? Obviously I can't afford all of them, or else I'd be hundreds of dollars in debt! The following will totally be added to my wish list!!

I was torn between the cherry dress and cherry top, so I settled on the cherry trench. Why, because I don't have a trench coat!

The white halter top. I already have a black pencil skirt.

The gingham summer dress. I can't decide whether I like it better in red or black. You can see the red version at the top.

The polka dot summer dress. However this could be paired with a sweater in fall and winter.

The lacy top. It's so Mary Margaret!!!

I haven't even seen much with the accessories yet...Eeep!!!!!!! Can you imagine how amazing they will be??

Are you going to indulge and buy a pretty piece of the new MM line at Macy's? I know I will in the future. And if you do not have a Macy's near you, never fear, I see this being sold on ebay and etsy in the future. :-)

:::: I just found out they are ONLY in Juniors sizing and go up to about an XL which is a sz M in women's. How disappointing for Marilyn fans out there like myself:::

06 March, 2013

Pinpersation {Vintage Hair}

Like bloggers Jessica and Stephanie, I really like blog posts inspired by images you see on the ever so addictive Pinterest. {My account is on the sidebar.} My first pinsperation is dedicated to vintage hair. And one person in particular, Bernie Dexter.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my pixie and I can see myself rocking it big time in Indiana's summer heat! But I also know that deep down I change my mind often and maybe by fall or winter I may need a change.

I really like the idea of a middy cut plus Bettie bangs. I'm quite lazy with my hair so throwing it into braids, pigtails, or just a simple pony tale is something I can handle.

Here's a curled bang look with a pony tale.

I actually have a hat like this. I wish I could see how her bangs are styled.

I love her soft curls and bang roll curl.

How cute is this look???

These are a couple of great transition looks for when your hair is growing out.

All in all, her simple look is sensational as well!