20 February, 2013

Sew Many Choices

I know I told myself I was not going to buy any fabric, but I did it anyway. Hey, I'm a woman and it's my prerogative to change my mind as many times as I choose.

Here's my fabric. A Michael Miller design that has the lovely Parisian cafe artwork.

You may remember that Bernie Dexter chose this for one of her Swing Dresses last year. That's how I fell madly in love with the design.

Well, now I'm not sure which pattern to choose. I had my eyes on one, then I found this great 1940s day dress pattern perfect for a war years look and then from the new Amazing Fit patterns from Simplicity there's two looks I love as well.

Pattern #1

I chose option B as a possibility.

Pattern #2
Option B is my favorite and the first one that caught my eye. Love the sleeves.

Pattern #3
Option B has a great mix between war years and new look that I love.

Finally there is pattern #4
I love option 2 without the belt. I don't really feel tie belts give the best definition. So I'll probably just use one of my own leather belts.

Now if I chose pattern #3 I'd have to get some contrasting fabric, which won't be difficult. I wouldn't need much of it. If I were to choose pattern #4, I will need some buttons and then there are so many to choose from. Do you think rose buttons would work??

I'm new to sewing with reproduction and vintage patterns and seeing all these patterns, I have no idea which one to choose. All of the simplicity patterns would be good for me since I have never advanced past the beginner level, yet I love the style of the Butterick pattern. Another thing...would it be weird if I chose a the 1930s style butterick pattern since the ladies on the fabric are sporting new look frocks?? I was thinking it might be best to go with a 1940s style dress.

Completely off topic, but wouldn't it be nice if patterns cost 15 cents like the last one states??

American Duchess Giveaway!!

American Duchess has done it again. And to celebrate her new creation, she's holding a giveaway on her BLOG. Please go check it out and have a chance to win a pair of these fantastic shoes!

My goodness aren't they fabulous!! I cannot decide which color I adore more...maybe the cognac brown pair.

If you had the chance to get a pair, which color would you choose?

19 February, 2013


Last year on the History Channel we had a couple of docu-series that were pretty spectacular. {I can't touch on Hatfield's & McCoy's, because I did not watch it.} The two I did watch I highly recommend.

Mankind: The Story of All of Us

After America: The Story of Us debuted almost three years ago, last year we had the privilege to see Mankind: The Story of All of Us. Personally I enjoyed this series quite a bit. There were a few aspects I disagreed and there's one major detail in our 20th century {The Holocaust in Europe that was surprising neglected as well as the Spanish inquisition} that should have been added.

The Men Who Built America

I absolutely loved this series about the men who built up the American economy post American Civil War. How some of them went about it wasn't always the best solutions to their problems, however we can learn from their mistakes. Out of all of them, my favorite to learn about was Rockefeller and Carnegie in second.

The Bible

The Bible is a 10 part mini series event that will premiere on the History Channel on March 3rd of this year. From the promos they have created, it looks absolutely amazing. I'm always nervous how people will portray the events of my faith's Holy Book, as anyone should be, some mini-series completely disregard facts. And that really disappoints. However, the History Channel did an awesome job with the other docu-series I cannot wait to see this! Check out a link here for another promo.


The Vikings is another interesting mini-series event to premiere on the same day. My DVR is going to be busy. I'm not as familiar with the Vikings and hope this to be a bit educational as well as entertaining. From what I do know they were a warrior and even pagan people who were among one of the firsts to set foot on what would become American and Canadian soil. Check out this link here for another promo. 

12 February, 2013

10 Things Worth The Splurge

Joanna {of Dividing Vintage Moments} just posted this wonderful list of must haves in your wardrobe. Along with a fab giveaway, so you must check it out. Now I give you my list...

1. A basic cotton day dress.

Whether you are a 1920s lover or you are a fan of the 1950s mid-century fashion, every woman had a basic cotton day dress. She would use it to clean house, do her errands, shop, pay calls, etc... And a lot of these can be pricey, but if you search long enough you can find some {depending on the era and demand for said item} under $30.00. Not kidding. Just keep searching, ladies!

2. A statement piece.

A statement piece is pretty much self explanatory. What I feel a statement piece is, can be a nice cocktail dress, something with a bold color, eye catching print, or just something that will turn heads. I have a couple. My favorite is my 1940s navy cocktail dress.

But a statement can be a hat, purse, or killer pair of heels. Just make sure it's memorable!

3. Vintage dungarees.

Like you didn't see that coming. ;-) There are loads of vintage reproduction clothing lines {sadly most are based within the UK where there is sky high shipping rates} that I can give you. The most popular are Freddies of Pinewood and Vivien of Holloway. Then if you are lucky and can find a pair in your measurements, get a pair of original vintage dungarees! The fit will feel weird at first because today's pants are so low waisted, but to me high waisted jeans are so worth the splurge.

4. Bernie Dexter Clothing

As of late I've been quite obsessed with Bernie Dexter's clothing line. Both pinup model and entrepreneur, she's quite the inspiration. And I hear nothing but praise for her wonderfully fit items.

5. Knitted Sweater

I think there is just something special about a hand knitted piece. Whether you buy it vintage, or use a vintage pattern to make one yourself, it's just special. Unlike the mass produced items of today that lack quality and uniqueness. I have loads of patterns, even this pattern shown above called "The Katherine Hepburn Cardigan". If you are interested in knitting, but can't afford all of the patterns you would like, contact me. I have tons and I mean tons of vintage repro or inspired patterns that I can scan for you. :-)

6. A locket.
Nothing says war years fashion like a vintage, or vintage inspired, locket. This can be quite pricey. Especially if you need something of higher quality like myself. I have to have something that is at least sterling silver or a 14 gold to keep my skin from turning green. If you search etsy or ebay you can get some pretty pieces. But I would suggest something from 1928 jewelry. {If you haven't heard of it, 1928 is actually a brand and a fantastic one at that!} They have scads of vintage inspired pieces made with sterling silver and quality gold. It can be pricey, but well worth an investment!

7. The little black dress.

Every single woman needs an Little Black Dress!! I have had one and sadly I got a size smaller than I should have thinking it would work. Won't make the same mistake twice! Anyway, the basic black dress should not only be a staple in a vintage dame's wardrobe, but any woman's wardrobe for that matter!

8. Basic pump

You can find a basic pump anywhere and it doesn't have to be vintage. Just take a gander at modcloth's lovely items. I make sure mine are interchangeable with quite a few items before purchasing. Oh, and make sure they are comfy!!

9. Separates
The basic white blouse, high waist gored skirt, simple cardigan, etc... Even if you go to some reproduction sites for some of them, if you know you'll get enough wear out of them, then you should definitely splurge!

10. Quality hair products

If you love styling your hair in these great styles shown above, invest in some quality hair products and they don't have to be expensive. I use Aussie shampoo and conditioner as well as their hair gel. All are reasonably prices and will keep your hair healthy. And if you do a lot of heat damage, please invest in some thermal heat spray. Tresemme has one works and smells wonderful too! I actually recommend against the high level hair sprays. Get one that has at least a 2 or 3 out of 5 and just use a bit more. It will give you the longevity of your style without turning it into a helmet.

I really enjoyed doing this post and to be honest it was difficult to come up with some of the answers on short notice. Anyway, I hope you give this a go and remember the lovely lady who started this is having a spectacular giveaway. I have a link at the top of the page, so hop on over to her blog for more information.

11 February, 2013

Sew For Victory {Blouse Progress}

Here's an update on my Sew for Victory 1940s repro blouse from Simplicity pattern 3688 based on a pattern from 1940 or 1941, I think.

All the fabric has been ironed.

The pattern pieces have been cut.

Pattern pieces pinned.

I made sure to use my Grama's specialty fabric scissors. Yes, they are vintage.

All pieces are cut and ready to be joined together.

Until next time...

09 February, 2013

Vintage Tag Q&A

1. Who are your style icons?
Considering I am a tomboy at heart, I love any trend setter who rocks trousers. My all time fave fashion icon who probably wouldn't be seen as a trend setter is Rosie the Riveter.

Katherine Hepburn

Judy Garland

Priscilla Lane

and of course Marilyn Monroe {especially her style as young Norma Jeane}

2. What is your favorite way to get inspired?
Browsing Pinterest, blogs, watching classic movies. Sometimes if I'm currently reading a book that is historically based {as in a period fiction} it will encourage me to get dolled up.

3. What's your most-used hair tool? 
My paddle brush. It isn't a name brand and I bought it for a $1 at the dollar store, but it's perfect!

4. What's your favorite hair tool?
Since I have a pixie cut, I can use very little hair styling tools. My flat iron is a 1 1/2, my hot rollers are still too big, and I'm just not a fan of the curling iron. When I did have longer hair, I'd have to say my foam rollers and paddle brush were my favorite.

5. Updo, down, or half-and-half?

Okay, again, I have a pixie cut, so I wear it down, and sometimes I wear it down, and other times I wear it down. LOL! I am wanting to try a faux hawk, so would that be considered a half up??

6. Is vintage something you do every day, on weekends, or for special occasions? 
Definitely not every day. Unless I want my basset girl to gobber up my favorite rayon frock. :-/ So I save up all of my vintage goods for going out, church, and or special event.



7. What's your favorite blush and lipstick?
Hmmm, I don't really pay attention to the lipstick and blush I wear. I picked my blush up at a thrift store. They were having loads of CG products for 50% off and 

8. Dress, skirt, or pants? 
I swear the girl pictured above is me. Just add some spectacles and she should be a brunette and you have moi. I absolutely love a casual look. Though a vintage pair of trousers or cotton day dress is very laid back, compared to cocktail dresses or a three piece suit, it's me. I'm a casual person and I am attracted to all things trousers. 

9. Heels or flats?
A little bit of both. I think both flats and heels have their place. Since I hurt my toes I can't wear the love four inch heels and up that most ladies are sporting. I love vintage style heels that have considerably shorter heels. 

10. Off-the-rack or homemade?
Both. I think both are great. If you can find an off the rack dress that fits you as wonderful as a custom piece, or even one that is handmade, that's fantastic. I suggest you invest in all. That way you can see what fits your body best. Remember, it's all about fit!!

11. Do you swing dance?
Sadly, no. I really wish I did.

12. Extreme vintage or subtle touches?
Depends on how I'm feeling. I think I lean more towards the subtle touch. I wish I was more of an extreme vintage kind of person because I love the way it looks. I guess I prefer a paler lip and love my boy cut so much that I'm a vintage inspired person than full on vintage life.

13. Favorite perfume?
I don't really wear perfume. If I do in the summer the bees all always bothering me and so are the nasty mosquitoes. I stay with a scented lotion and rub a little on my neck like you would perfume and that's enough for me.

14. Favorite skincare product?
I really like Garnier Nutrisse grape extraxt moisturizing cleanser. I wash my face with it every day. I love how smooth and soft it makes my skin feel.

15. What does your family think of your style?
My family are my cheerleaders. Since I began collecting vintage at the age of 13, I've had my family's support. Even my Grama thought it was interesting that I preferred her generation's {The Greatest Generation that is} fashion over my own. 

16. Favorite accessory?
Shoes. A girl can never have too many shoes, right?? :::wink:::

17. Do you find the vintage community welcoming or snobby?
Well, in every community there are people who can be snobby. The majority, I would say 98%, of those I encountered in the vintage enthusiast community have been more than welcoming. I have even found that I have much more support from my vintage enthusiasts in my writing career than I usually get from my literary friends. That support means the world to me. The writing world can be so competitive and knowing I have so many to are cheering me on touches my heart.

18. What drew you to vintage style?
Without a doubt my Grama A. I would talk to her for hours about the Great Depression and WWII and loved her sense of style. I then began researching vintage fashion and loved how elegant and classy these ladies were and yet they were only wearing a cotton day dress...compared to my generation where girls wear low rise jeans so their tacky thong can show. Ick!!

19. Favorite places to shop vintage?
On-line mostly. I do find some prizes at our local good-will quite often. But mainly I shop vintage inspired.

20. What vintage eras are your favorite?
The 1940s. Are you surprised?? I love just about everything about the 1940s fashions and simplicity. It may not be as flattering to my figure as the 1950s, but I have to go where my passion lies. 

21. Most glamorous film stars?

Marilyn Monroe is by far one of the most glamorous vintage stars in my book. I'm a huge fan of hers. I wasn't sure how my perception of her would change after I picked up some biographies this past summer, but I just think she's fabulous. 

22. Favorite vintage object that you own?
My Grama's 1940s wedding band. I love how beautifully unique it is. I've decided that if I can, I would love to purchase a 1940s wedding band for myself one day because my Grama's is very fragile. {Sorry, no photo of it. But believe me it's beautiful!}

05 February, 2013

Sew for Victory

Over at Lucky Lucille she is holding a 1940's sew a long called Sew For Victory.

The pattern I chose was Simplicity 3688 with the blouse option. Mainly because I have so few 1940s style blouses.

It will be an easy project and my first reproduction pattern.

Here's my pattern and fabric. Left overs from another project. I had plenty to work with! Our camera died early this year, so I have to document this all with my camera phone. Sorry for the crummy quality!

I'm quite excited. This is my first sew a long and my first reproduction pattern. 

01 February, 2013


My birth month is November and I love November! Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I also love the Topaz, amber topaz that is. Not that crummy citrine or tourmaline imitation which is more pale yellow than a beautiful amber.

In my jewelry box, I have a topaz cross necklace, topaz watch, and topaz tennis bracelet. However, I have no topaz ring. {I did have a pair of faux topaz earrings, but they broke.} I recently purchased a nice amber cubic zirconia ring. It was a silver ring and I loved how it had a very art deco look to it. It said it was high quality, and I need high quality jewelry, especially in rings and earrings. Because they will turn my skin an awful green color. This ring, did just that. The green is finally fading back the normal olive skin tone. The stupid ring turned out to be some kind of low quality metal with nickle plating. Ugh!!

The only way I'm going to get a high quality ring, and one with character, is if I find a vintage piece. I'm rather lucky, my fingers are surprisingly smaller than I thought they were. I wear anything from a sz 6 to 6.5 and a lot of vintage rings are that size.

Here are a few I really like...

This one is fab! It is art deco and I love the faux diamond accents.

This is a faux topaz, but it has a sterling silver band. And isn't the heart adorable?!

Victorian faux topaz, sterling silver ring, which I love!

This one is fairly modern looking and for that I'm not a huge fan of. However I love the color!

If I were to chose any kind of style, this would be ideal. I love the ring's style because it reminds me of a daisy.

Art Deco ca. 1920s real topaz! I just wish the stone was smaller. This is a bit ostentatious for my taste. I believe it's a cocktail ring.

I do have some antique/vintage jewelry in my possession already, but sadly none are lovely topaz's. :-( A lot of the above are reasonably priced, but the last one is expensive. However, if you want quality, you sometimes have to give in and get it.

What do you think of antique jewelry compared to modern pieces? Would you be more apt to purchase a modern piece over a vintage one?