23 December, 2013

Pinsperation {1949}

{Since Christmas is on Wednesday this year and that is when I normally do my Pinsperation posts, it will be featured today instead.}

I end the Pinsperation series of New Look on a high note with the final and fabulous year of 1949!

New look became scandalous!

Yet still kept the sweetness so popular for that era.

I love original photos to really give you a feel of what life was like years ago.

I can't say how much I love this! Vroom, vroom!!

Awe, a teenager with her kitty cutie! Fun fact: did you know the term 'teenager' was coined in 1944?

Rationing was ending in the land down under as well as in the United Kingdom! What a better way to celebrate with fancy dresses?


  1. I'm loving the dresses in the second picture! Merry day before Christmas Eve!

    1. Me too! I do love that biker gal. Awesome wardrobe.

  2. Such wonderfully late 40s fashion. This time frame is a perpetual favourite of mine, as it combined elements that I adore so much from fashions from the 40s and 50s alike, and is so often fabulously feminine, to boot.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. When I was doing this, I thought you might enjoy this. I know ho much you love new look and 1950s fashion. :D I plan on doing more 1950s pinsperation for winter weather clothing soon.

  3. If only we were as fashionable and classy as they were back then. But they were a different brand of people in that era.