22 March, 2013

My Top 5 stores for Plus Size shopping

Recently Voluptuous Vintage Vixen did a post on Top 5 vintage dresses for under $100. The first person to comment mentioned that they were juniors sizes, not ladies misses or ladies women's sizes. Last time I checked juniors sizing was the furthest thing from plus size. And being a plus sized lady {I'll round my waist measurements to a 32" and my hip being 46"} I know what it is to be a considered a plus size gal and I can't get myself into those little juniors clothing. I barely could when I was a teen and when I did it was always a 2 or even 3X.

I have searched for some clothing options for clothing with actual ladies misses or ladies women's clothing sizing {not juniors} for the normal woman.

retro dresses under $100

Modcloth is a great way to find some plus sized clothing with a vintage flare and if you just want modern, they have that, too.

Vivien of Holloway
VOH plus size clothing

Usually goes up to a 38" waist and a 50" hip, which is nice for those ladies like myself who are plus sized. Though this is not a cost conscious store. If you want something from VOH, plan on forking out a pretty penny. However, I think it would be well worth the splurge.

HeyDay Clothing


HeyDay's items for ladies go up to a size 20 for a 48" hip and a 38" waist. Also Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage loves and swears by there trousers. And if a she swears by them, maybe all of us plus sized ladies need to invest in one of HeyDay's items?? Again, this is another splurge company.

New Vintage Lady

NVL is a pattern store on etsy filled with items and of course sewing patterns for the plus sized lady. Some of her patterns go up to a 46" and 48" bust and her ready made clothing, from her patterns, go up even more.


Mikarose is another affordable choice for plus sized ladies and their wonderful clothes with a vintage vibe are under $100 and go up to a 2X for a 36" waist and 47" hip and their knitwear will have a little give to it for those who might be just a size larger.

Personally I have no purchased from these companies, so I cannot say from personal experience, but if you search the feedback on modcloth or if you are a follower of Va-Voom vintage, you can judge for yourself what might work best for your figure.


  1. The blue trousers from Hey Day are fantastic! I am a total Modcloth devotee! I don't really understand juniors sizing but it seems brands are doing themselves a disservice by not stocking a greater range of sizes.

    1. They really are and you can't go wrong with modcloth. Me either. I am around an XL to 2XL in clothing, so most juniors would have me go up to a 4X or more, it really is a pain in the butt!

  2. I have looked at most of these shops, although Mika Rose is new to me. My issue, when shopping plus sized vintage, is finding good fitting clothes that don't break the bank. I can usually find cheap clothes that don't fit just right, or expensive clothes that fit beautifully. I know they say you get what you pay for, and that certainly is the case with shops like Vivien of Holloway and HeyDay Clothing. I am looking forward to checking out what Mika Rose has to offer. Great list!

    Hellcat Vintage

    1. Mikarose is a nice little shop and their clothes really fit my style because they are bit more modest. I know what you mean. I've been trying to save up for some VOH clothing and one day would love to have a HeyDay suit. Selling on ebay has helped a lot! Thank you! :)

  3. Absolutely fantastic post, dear Sean! It's amazing in this day and age that more repro companies don't offer their lines in a much wider size range (women are not "one tiny size fits all" by any means!). Another UK seller (that I've bought from and have only positive things to say about) that offers garments in larger sizes is Big Beautiful Barbara Brown (http://www.bigbeautifulbarbarabrown.com).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jessica! :) I have heard of her and yes, that really is a fantastic shop! Thank you for reminding me about it!