20 February, 2013

American Duchess Giveaway!!

American Duchess has done it again. And to celebrate her new creation, she's holding a giveaway on her BLOG. Please go check it out and have a chance to win a pair of these fantastic shoes!

My goodness aren't they fabulous!! I cannot decide which color I adore more...maybe the cognac brown pair.

If you had the chance to get a pair, which color would you choose?


  1. Decisions, decisions!! I love them all, but like you, I think I would choose the cognac.

  2. The brown is gorgeous, but I think I'd pick the white!! I have several brown and black heels... :) Something different would be great!

  3. That is a seriously hard call. I go to (figuratively) open my mouth to say one colour over the other two, but then I think of an outfit that a different colour would go smashingly with, and I pull back. I love all three, but ultimately think I might go with white (because it's so hard to find good vintage style shoes in white). Lol, but if you ask me again in five minutes, my answer may very well have changed again! :D

    ♥ Jessica