27 October, 2012

Faux Bangs

Gosh, this was months ago when I did my hair up in rollers and made my second attempt at a 50's faux bang. Which surprisingly came out great!! I loved how it looked.

I also got a nice back view of the curls.

However with all the layers in my hair it began to fall out. I apparently didn't put enough hair spray on it. Oh, well. You live and learn.

I still wanted a faux bang, so I attempted a 60s style faux bang that Ashley of LisaFreemontStreet did in her Youtube tutorial on faux bangs. And so here is my attempt. I rather like it!

Have you attempted a faux bang? If so how did you like it?

26 October, 2012

Style Inspiration

I've been kinda obsessing over all things Mary Margret and Ginnifer Goodwin style. She's so darn cute and I will have her Pixie cute someday. One of my neighbors said they cut hair and I might have to get with her sometime about that. Anyway, back to the subject...I love the vintage inspired wardrobe OUAT came up with for MM. I hope that doesn't change too much in season 2. I mean so far we've only seen Snow in one outfit. :::crosses fingers::::

Her lace blouse is fabulous! I think it's a perfect staple in any lady's wardrobe.

The skirt is too cute! Do you notice those shoes...ahem!! So cute!

The color combo or salmon pink and navy polka dot is just lovely.

I so want this dress!!!!!

I love all styles of hats, but my favorite is the cloche's and berets. Both of which Mary Margaret seems to like as well.

Her hats...

{You know I even have a purse just like that...}

This isn't one of Mary Margaret's looks, but wow, I love it so much!

If you want to know more about Mary Margaret's fashion, I found this LINK for you all!

18 October, 2012


Writers are unique people. We hear voices, see visions, and have the occasional breakdown from writers block...well, maybe I'm the only one who has the breakdowns, but that's another story for another day.

Our fuel is caffeine. Our work hours, as long as our brain will allow it. Social life {at least for me} is lived through the computer. Oh, and the voices we hear in our head, see we do have many friends.

I found this on a FB friends page. I think I need this.

I'm sure you've seen some of these going around on FB.

Ah, the life of a writer. See how glamorous it really is!! All right, you can stop laughing now.

12 October, 2012

Pattern Wishlist

Since I have so many sewing patterns on my wishlist, I thought it'd be neat to blog about it. So every once in while I'll be posting about the new patterns that have caught my fancy!

Some of my novels take place in the 1840s when Indiana was still a pioneering state. Naturally I want to make a dress from the early Victorian period. And isn't that print lovely??

There are so many cute options in this pattern. My favorites are the high waist pants and pencil skirts since I have none of those currently.

I thought this pattern, even with the kimono sleeves, would make a wonderful Edwardian ensemble. The Edwardian era had a lot of different influences and a large influence from Asia with all the lovely intricate prints.

Cigarette pants. I can't love them enough.

The 1940s is my favorite decade and besides the awesome victory rolls the model is rocking, the dress is super cute, too!

The little plaid number with blue accent is just so darn adorable!

09 October, 2012

NaNoWriMo Challenge

Every November is National Novel Writing Month {aka...NaNoWriMo} and this year I'm going to try and join the challenge along with other writers. I kinda have a fantasy piece I've been wanting to work on so I'm gonna give it a go. Besides it's just for fun, no pressure to get this one published. I might want to in the future revise it and see what happens but as for now I'm just wanting to write and see where it takes me.

I'm making my goal of 40,000 words {I know it says 50,000 on the website, but I always do things my own way), which really isn't a lot if you think about it. Most novels are well over a 100,000. Just take a look at Anna Karenina or Atlas Shrugged. So with 40,000 I think it'll be no problem writing it alongside my new WIP. And of course I'll blog about the process.

If there is anyone else jumping onto the bandwagon, please drop me a comment, I'd love to know what your plans are for NaNoWriMo!!

MAC Giveaway!!

A giveaway is being held through Joanna's blog Dividing Moments. She's such a fantastic lady and her blog is informative and fabulous!! So hop on over to her blog and check it out!!

This tube of MAC lipstick from their limited edition Marilyn Monroe collection is up for grabs!!

08 October, 2012

To Many Changes

Did anyone ask for an update??? No, well let's do one anyway...

There's been a whole heck of a lot going on in my life, a lot not so good and a lot very good. Recently we had a two car garage built so we can have enough room for the family vehicle and Dad's classic car. {I really need to do a post on it. It's a 1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe!! Such a beauty!} It's so nice and when you step inside it, it almost feels like it's not yours. The newness is still present, so everything feels awkward. I imagine in a year it'll be like we've always had it.

We as a family have been searching for a new church to attend, but it's turning out more difficult than we expected. There's been so much going on in our lives that just wells up and sort of bursts by the time Sunday gets here. Sunday is also one of our hardest days because that's the day Dad passed away. To top it all off so many darn changes have been happening that we haven't had a whole lot of time to get back to our normal. I really like the guys who are doing construction work at our house, they've come to our rescue more than once and I'm so grateful for them.

My WIP: SOTH is in it's finishing stages. My sister who willingly edits it on a professional level says it's all pretty much there, and just needs some smoothing over before I start querying literary agents. Which makes me ober-nervous. I've never gotten that far with a manuscript before. And naturally when you finish one manuscript, you start another. I now have another word tracker for a novel with the working title, I Walk Alone...what do you think?? Bad...good?? Sometimes I'm really good at book titles and other times I just hit and miss.

I Walk Alone, takes place in Indiana {Of course!} in the 1830s. I love my Indiana and love the early state history, so I have a few manuscripts that will be in the rural point of Indiana's history. I'm kinda excited/apprehensive starting this new project. It's been in the planning stages for almost a year. I'm not as familiar with the characters as I was with SOTH or even TOS {which has been shelved, proverbially that is. I'll talk more of that in a different post.} I'm going to jump into it today ans hopefully all will go well!

I'm guessing that's all for now. Hope your lives are all going well. Blessings to you all!

07 October, 2012

Snow White's Hair

No this isn't Mary Margaret's lovely pixie cut. This post is about the 1930s Snow White Disney cartoon. For a little while now I've been loving the bobbed curls that Disney gave Snow. Probably because it was created in the 1930s, but I love it.

I've recently joined Deviant Art and found some spectacular pictures I thought I'd share with you.

This style is probably my favorite.

And the waves of this style is just lovely.

I think I have to search YouTube to find a hair tutorial for Snow's hair. My hair is about the perfect length for this look and I haven't done a wet set in a while and kinda want to try this.

What do you think? Are you interested in the Snow White style?