25 September, 2012

Retro Obsession

So lately I've been obsessing over retro separates. I do love a good vintage dress, but I love the versatility of vintage separates even more.

I have a lot of blouses in my wardrobe, but very little, pants, skirts, and shorts to mix and match the pieces. And since I love the 1940s more than any decade, separates was a must in the war years and I'm disappointed that I haven't taken the time to search out or sew up some for my wardrobe.

Anyway, here are a few I've been looking at for a little while now...

Just because I can't stare at them enough, the Montana Dungarees by NKD

I can't express enough how I love look #1. Yes, I would definitely wear knee socks with it no matter how much of a nerd it would make me!

I really like all the different variations from bohemian to a retro peasant top that was oh-so popular no matter what decade you choose.

Pants are a must and this has a culotte option!

Okay, I'll let the skirt speak for itself.

I know Summer is pretty much over in my neck of the woods, but how can you not love this...

I'm not a huge fan of the jacket, but love the pant and skirt option.

I know most of these are patterns, but if I put every separate I loved on here, this would probably the longest post I've ever done. Not all of these are 1940s style patterns and not all of them are even vintage. Just something on my ever growing etsy wishlist...

Polyvore {Once Upon A Time}

Ashley Boyd

Once Upon A Time #10

Forever New stripe dress, $83 / Ted Baker cropped cardigan, $98 / Delman patent leather wedge / Michael Kors leather handbag / Moonbasa acrylic jewelry / Cloche hat

24 September, 2012

Polyvore {Once Upon A Time}

Cinderella "Ella"

MAC's Marilyn Collection

I about did my happy dance when I saw this on Joanna's blog {Dividing Moments} about MAC's new line which is inspired by the fabulous and just all around adorable Marilyn Monroe! Naturally I had to blog about it, too.

Now, I know I can't afford to pay $16.50 for a tube of lipstick, but a girl can dream, right??


Mac Eyebrow finisher
Mac false lashes extreme mascara




I love the whole collection, even if I've never used false lashes or mascara. What are your thoughts on MAC's new Marilyn collection?

13 September, 2012

Life and News

I was thinking it's time for another update...

Where do I start...let's start with my WIP. I printed out all 90,000+ words of it and asked Mom and Veronica to edit some of it. There's plenty more I need to do with it, but I'm hoping :::fingers crossed::: that I will be able to query it off at the end of the year. Hopefully I can land an literary agent by sometime next summer or fall. Now I have to prepare query letters and summaries and all that fun stuff. I love writing, but all that other stuff that leads to publication is so slow. It takes up to a year or more to publish one book. Maybe, just maybe two years from now I might be published with my novel in stores.

Working hard at losing weight. I exercise about 45 minutes every day. So far I've lost 4lbs. I would like to lose 15 before the year is up. And hopefully an inch on my waist and hips. I know it's not good to lose weight too fast, but I have these jeans I got off of ebay cause I cut a lot of mine off into shorts/capris for summer and had only 2 pairs to last me through fall. I'm the kinda gal who lives in jeans. I don't wear skirts or dresses. It's not practical for my lifestyle. The jeans I bought turned out to be a half-size smaller than I am. Isn't being between sizes so annoying, or is it just me??? I have a lot more work to do before I can get into those jeans. It's so frustrating.

I've left this part for last. I'm not sure I could have done it any earlier. It's two weeks ago when a little orange tabby kitten entered my life. I have a special place in my heart for tabbies. And orange tabbies...I just adore them. I had a kitty, Garfield from when I was 9 to 20. I lost him in 2010, he had cancer. That kitty was my best friend!

Garfield (looking at the camera) and Bingley is behind him.
I fell in love with this little kitten and he seemed pretty fond of me too. He would climb on my lap and just follow me around like a puppy. He was precious. Veronica and I decided a while ago if another cat came to us that was male, we'd call him Rumpelstiltskin. So that's what we named him, well Baby Rumpel for short.

Rumpelstiltskin and that's me holding him. He had a respiratory infection that we were helping him get better. 
The night we got remnants of Isaac, we brought Rumpel inside and he slept in my room, we took him to get medicine earlier so he was a good little kitty and slept through the night. The next morning we let him out and gave him his medicine and when we left for the store I saw him playing in the leaves in our front yard. I can still see his face perk us as he saw us pull away.

When we returned we couldn't find him or Gilbert {update on him, he now has a new home!!}. We called for the two to come home and they didn't come. I sat on our front porch all afternoon and was so scared something had happened to Rumpel. He was so little and not as street smart as Gilbert. I finally gave up hope of him coming back and went inside and yes, was very teary for the rest of the day.

Our friend K found out for us that a neighbor had Rumpel. A neighbor who has this grudge against us, why, I have no clue?!! This is where my story takes a turn for the worse. K told us our neighbor had taken him to the vet and had him euthanized. I did become quite upset and K felt bad she had to be the one to bring us such horrible news.

Now I am a Christian, devout Christian. But I'm not sure I can ever forgive this. Our neighbor new Rumpel was ours. She had seen me with him many times, still out of spite she did this. Every Saturday I feel so sick, ever since Dad passed I am just feel sick on Saturdays. That Saturday after Rumpel came to us, I wasn't sick at all, well not till the evening when I found out.

We even called the vet our neighbor took Rumpel too, the same one we go to, and yes in their records Rumpel was put to sleep. I'm trying so hard not to be angry and let hate grow, but it's so hard when she did something like this.

10 September, 2012

TV Show Promos {OUAT and Downton}

There are two shows currently running that I'm completely obsessed with. Once Upon A Time and Downton Abbey. Here are a couple of promos for you. Because I know you want to see them just as much as I do!!

Downton Abbey

Isn't Ethel and Charlie adorable?? I didn't like her at first, but I'm coming around. And I recently found out both Mary AND Edith get married this season. Hmmmm.....

Once Upon A Time

This is just awesome. This promo features both of my favorite disney gals, Belle and Mulan!!! I've been waiting to see how they'd do Mulan and so far I'm satisfied!

03 September, 2012


Everyone should at least own one pair of jeans. And if you're a vintage enthusiast and/or wear vintage more than modern clothing, what's a girl to do?? I'm a little peeved, okay that's an understatement, with Freddies of Pinewood. {I tried contacting them on sizing and fit of their clothing and since I wasn't purchasing something not only did they take their sweet time getting back to me they refused to help...} So I am probably won't do business with them in the future. I might by one of the jeans on ebay if it's a good price, but that's a maybe...

Enough of my rambling. I have a point to this post, I really do. For those of us in North America who don't want something that doesn't have to be shipped overseas, here are a few companies I found...

Not only does she have awesome dresses and lingerie, but the jeans her company produces are hot! I REALLY want a pair. Buuuuut, right now I just can't afford it.

She also has shorts and cigarette pants!!

Another great pinup model with a knockout clothing line! You can't go wrong with Bettie Page. She's an icon, just classic pinup!

A few months ago I found Nicole Katherine Designs on etsy where she's currently having a sale. Man it's so tempting....cause I so want her Montana Dungarees {pictured above}. Not only is the NKD jeans accurate, they now have sizing for plus sized gals!! They're overalls are more expensive than Freddies, but I'd be much more likely to buy a pair from her or Bettie Page.

Do you own a pair of any of the suggested reproduction jeans?? If so, would you recommend them? Let me know, I'd love your input.

02 September, 2012

Dust Bowl Dame

Recently I've been browsing the etsy shop Dust Bowl Dame that specializes in plus sized garments for the curvy woman. Since I am still in both of those categories, I just love this shop. They have items from all eras and though there may be a couple items here and there that are for the average sized woman, I like to think of this shop like the Fashion Bug of vintage clothing shops {Btw- did you know Fashion Bug is going to close its doors??? I'm very sad to hear that. I love Fashion Bug}!

Here's a little bit of what Dust Bowl Dame has to offer. Just don't take any of my favorites. ;-)

{No, not all of the below are my favorites. Just wanted to showcase the lovelies she's got in her shop!}

Polyvore {Once Upon A Time}

Little Red Ridding Hood "Red"