31 July, 2012

FabGabs Giveaway!!

I know you love FabGabs Vintage just as much as I do. C'mon Julie always has the BEST and I mean the best items in stock! Here's your chance to win a $200 gift certificate for her new website launch!!

27 July, 2012

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Trailer

I'm pretty excited about the new trailer promo for season two of Once Upon a Time. I had my doubts that the creators could make it work, but was so glad to be wrong.

If you love childhood fairy tales and Disney characters, you'll probably become a hard core fan in no time.


25 July, 2012


As of late a little tabby kitten has taken residence on our front porch. He's a little sweetie and I swear he's a look-a-like to my sister's cat Bingley {Pride and Prejude...}. We're thinking he's about nine-months-old and looks pretty healthy. He's lost a little hair and was on the verge of mange, but that's not a problem, we're fattening him up fast.

We named this little fella Gilbert {after Gilbert Blythe of course!} and would very much like him to join our family. I think that would bring us up to five four legged babies. But Bingley isn't happy about Gil. And now Gil isn't too keen on being inside the house.

A friend of ours suggested we put Gil in a krate/pin, which we have, and let the other kitties be around him. Let them spit and yell at him and adjust to Gil being in the house. Now personally I don't know if it would work, our babies are rather...dysfunctional to put it nicely. I do however hate having an outside pet. I don't feel like Gil would get enough attention {of course he may not get a lot of attention inside either and our other babies might feel left out.} and it's either too hot like it is now or will be very cold this winter.

We really need to find Gil a home, I just don't know how it would work with us. This makes me very sad. We've grown attached to the little booger and really love him. But we also want what's best for him and I guess it's not here with us. He just wouldn't get the attention he deserves.

If you know of anyone in the Terre Haute, IN region or would be interested in traveling {I kinda doubt someone would} to make this little fella apart of your family, please message me on my FB page or for those of you who have my email, drop me a line. I don't exactly feel comfortable posting my email publicly on the blog, so messaging will have to do.

Thank you all!

20 July, 2012

Rosie the Reviewer {First Evolve Foam Rollers}

I purchased a set of First Evolve Go Satin rollers a few days ago at CVS pharmacy and decided to give them a try. The rollers are a set of 30 with sizes of Small, Medium, Large, and Jumbo {as seen in the picture}. The set is basically foam rollers with a clip like the regular dollar store foam rollers.

My Thoughts:
Twice I have had the chance to use them and so far really like the results. I haven't used them on all of my hair because I don't have enough in the large and medium sizes yet, so I used some of my old dollar store foam rollers which worked well. But for the hair framing my face, I made sure to use the satin rollers and was very pleased.

On the package it says it will curl your hair without stripping it of its moisture, which I found to be true. The curls were very shiny and manageable, where are the other rollers were so-so. I also thought that they felt the same to sleep on as the regular rollers, so if you thought the regular ones were uncomfortable, don't expect these to be any different. I don't think foam rollers are too uncomfortable, not like Velcro rollers {ick, I hate those!!!}. The curl keeps in just as long as the others, pin curling is probably the best way to get strong curls, but I don't know how to do that yet.

The only thing I thought might bother people is the smoothness of the rollers will slip, so hold onto the hair until it's rolled pretty well so the ends don't fall out.

On the whole, I am quite satisfied with my purchase. And to top it all off, the plastic in the case can double as a traveling bag for your rollers when you're on the go. I usually keep my rollers in my 31 bag I got with my Thirty-one purse for Christmas a couple years ago. I personally don't care for the quality of Thirty-one, but this bag isn't bad.

Anyway, I hope all of this was helpful and let me know if you decide to purchase it and let me know your thoughts. The rollers aren't perfect, but 4 out of 5 stars isn't bad.

15 July, 2012

Recent Finds

This past well, well a little over a week, I've had a lot of new items added into my wardrobe. I've got some repro items and authentic vintage pieces to show you, that I'm pretty excited about.

A few days ago we went to CVS and I wanted to look at their hair products and came away with a new roller set and plastic Scunci hair combs {which I love, it even holds my thick hair!!}. I have a review of the hair rollers coming up this week.

Then we went to our favorite antique mall, which has recently added a vintage/antique clothing booth!! Makes me very happy! I found a lovely vintage hat, I believe it to be 50's. It's so cute and we still have summer, so this will be worn!

I also found a vintage girdle/garter belt. It's in good condition, with hardly any stains. It needs some new laces and then I can wear it. I can hardly believe I found this for under $10. And in MY size no less! There is only one issue. I have no idea how old it is. I've searched on-line {from 30s to 60s}and none have the lace up grommets on them, only hook and eyes. So can you tell me how old it is?? Because I'm stumped!

Then there is this lovely 60's sun dress. The embroidery is so nice! It's a little smaller, but I know I can get into it. It's just an inch or two smaller than me!

Along with the other items purchased at the antique mall, I got a pattern which I've been wanting for quite sometime, in my size, and for a lot less than original price! Whoohoo!

Thanks to The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart, I now have a pair of reproduction Freddies of Pinewood jeans!! I'm pretty excited about it. I've been drooling over Freddie's jeans for about two years now and was determined one day they would be in my wardrobe. And now, they are!

I'm not done yet, there are shoes too. I snagged a pair of vint insp brown oxfords on ebay a week ago and just love them. The brand is Mia 2. I don't really know it. I thrift most of my clothes or buy vintage {I hate to pay retail, so most of my clothes are sale/bargain rack items}. Then my sister gave me a pair of blue wedge sandals, which I have the same pair in red. :-) I love the style so they'll get a lot of wear!

13 July, 2012

Pinup Mama's Blog Birthday!

One of my favorite bloggers, as you recently read in my last post, is celebrating her first blog birthday. She's such a sweetie, so hop on over to her blog The Musings and Adventures of a Pinup Mama and join in on her giveaway!

Have Fun!

10 July, 2012

My favorite blogs

Though I am an aspiring author, I still feed my addiction to all things vintage. And have found out that I receive more support from my vintage readers/friends than I have in the past with most of my writer readers/followers. I know the world of writing can be competitive. Everyone is hoping their manuscript is chosen above any of the others submitted. Understandable, I feel the same way.

My sister is also an aspiring author who has recently been in contact with a literary agent who is interested in one of her novels. {Can you hear me squeal with excitement through the monitor???}

So she is first in my favorite bloggers list... {these are in no particular order. Totally random, I love them all.}

Veronica Leigh
{She's the best and I don't care even if I am biased, she's the best! Love you, sis!}

Stephanie Lynn
She's has mad sewing skills. And knitting skills. And hair styling skills....yeah, I can't do hair, but I love watching her and others figure out how to style their own.

Jessica Cangino
Jessica is such a sweetheart. I've been following her blog for a couple of months now and her blog is awesome. Not to mention her fashion. I love her style, because it doesn't look too complicated and very easily wearable. Always a plus! :-)

I'm a recent follower to The Grande Dame, gosh I love her blog title, and really enjoy reading her blog. Her vintage style has so much color in it and inspires me to add more colors into my wardrobe.

Victory Vintage
{Sorry there are no pics of Beth}
I love reading her blog. She and I have a lot in common: love the 40s, same faith, love needlework, patriotic, etc...  She hasn't updated in a while, so that got me worried. I hope everything is all right in her life outside the internet.

Bunny Moreno
Isn't she fab?? She's always got something interesting over on her blog. And can you believe it, she is a stay at home mom and always, always looks that good. {Wow, I need to put more effort into my look, LOL!}

Lauren is a very crafty, inventive, acurate, vintage and sewing blogger. I will never achieve her skills {Or Stephanie's} though I love reading about each adventure that comes her way. Have you seen the Rita shorts??? They are adorable!

All the way from Scotland, Debi blogs about her world of sewing, knitting, and other crafting endeavors. I secretly want to steal her wardrobe. {And everyone else here...} Well, I guess it's not a secret anymore. :-)

02 July, 2012

Giveaway {Cherry brooch}

Va-Voom Vintage is holding another giveaway on her blog. A lovely vintage cherry wooden brooch meant to look like Bakelite. How neat! Please hop on over to her blog and enter!!

The prize