13 May, 2012


Well, I've really been dreading this post. I am not sure how to say this or even if I'll do it right. Our family has been blindsided with a tragedy. I know you and many others may not see it that way, but to my family this is a devastating tragedy.

Two weeks ago our Dad passed away. It just feels so unreal to write it still. We didn't see it coming. There were no signs. He didn't act anything other than his normal self. But there was something wrong and now Dad has gone to be with the Lord.

Life has completely changed. I don't know quite how to describe it other than this is some alternate universe we're stuck in like the Twilight Zone and when we escape this Dad will be there and everything will be okay again.

Can I ask you something? Will you pray for us? People have been asking, if you need anything, let us know...well, what we need is prayer and a lot of it.