16 November, 2012


Some could argue that a pixie cut is masculine, but I am here to argue that it is absolutely feminine! To prove my point, here are some lovely ladies who have chosen the pixie cut. And nothing about them is masculine!

First up...

Sophie Scholl

Audrey Hepburn


Elizabeth Taylor

Anne Hathaway

Michelle Williams

There are a few things I need to point out about the pixie cut...
  • It is feminine. 
  • It's all in your attitude. If you want to like it, you will. If you don't, you won't.
  • If you don't like it, it's hair and it will grow back.
  • There is no age, weight, or time limit on getting a pixie. 
  • If you never take risks with hair, just do it! Like I said before, it'll grow. That's why you will need to get it trimmed every month.
  • Don't hide behind you hair. Have fun with your hair. It's an accessory, it should be changed often!!
  • You only live once.
I am so excited for this change. I've been hiding behind my hair for too long, it's time to let go. I've told myself for so long that I kept my hair long because I wanted to do vintage styles. No, I was lying to myself. Do you know how many times I actually do my hair in a vintage style each week?? None. I'm excited about this change. Everyone needs a change, right??


  1. I think you chose some great ladies to showcase a pixie cut. It's not a look everyone can wear but its adorable. I wish I could pull one off!

    1. I do think a pixie can be a difficult style to pull off. But I also believe it has a lot to do with attitude. :-) Attitude always seems to play such a big part in hair. LOL!

  2. Pixies rock! Change is so much fun. And when you get bored, just grow it out. I'm always the most creative with my hair when I'm growing it out.

    1. AMEN!! YES and I'm so psyched about my new look. I swear I haven't felt this great about a style in ages!!

  3. Pixie cuts have the cutest name of any hair style too - who wouldn't want to look like a pixie? I quite like the style with a longer fringe, I think other softens it but it can still be made edgy and kind of tough if desired. I can't wait to see your before & after photos!

    1. Yes, they do! Me too, it frames the face in such a lovely way. I sorta had a short style in high school and it was very edgy rocker style. Loved it! But I love this new style too. It's so much more sophisticated, but like you said, I can give it an edgy twist if I wanted.

      I got my before photo, I need to get my after one. :-)

  4. Excellent selection of pixie cuts. Now post yours, because yours looks just as fabulous.

  5. I thoroughly agree about this classic cut's distinct feminine vibe. Few haircuts showcase and highlight a person's face so clearly and beautifully, and if a woman has a feminine face already (as many do), I find it just helps to bring that point right to the forefront. I love pixie cuts, too, and wouldn't be opposed to the idea of sporting one myself some day.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. :) Jessica, you'd look lovely with any haircut. I think the one you have now and how you style it is sensational. But like I said, no matter what you're a beautiful person!