12 October, 2012

Pattern Wishlist

Since I have so many sewing patterns on my wishlist, I thought it'd be neat to blog about it. So every once in while I'll be posting about the new patterns that have caught my fancy!

Some of my novels take place in the 1840s when Indiana was still a pioneering state. Naturally I want to make a dress from the early Victorian period. And isn't that print lovely??

There are so many cute options in this pattern. My favorites are the high waist pants and pencil skirts since I have none of those currently.

I thought this pattern, even with the kimono sleeves, would make a wonderful Edwardian ensemble. The Edwardian era had a lot of different influences and a large influence from Asia with all the lovely intricate prints.

Cigarette pants. I can't love them enough.

The 1940s is my favorite decade and besides the awesome victory rolls the model is rocking, the dress is super cute, too!

The little plaid number with blue accent is just so darn adorable!


  1. I love a pattern post! That first one and the 40's dress are just lovely. It would be fantastic to have the time to make one of those massive Victorian dresses one day. I'd really like to find some Victorian sleepwear patterns too.

    1. Haha, me too!! I know what you mean. They can be quite pricey with ALL the needed fabric and notions. But if it came out anything like that. I think it'd be worth every bit of it!

  2. Ohhh, I can definitely see why all of these gems are on your wish list. I especially like the Simplicity 40s one (that brown floral print dress in particular has me swooning!).

    Wishing you a relaxing, beautiful weekend, dear Sean,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. That's the same reason I adore it. I might have to find a brown floral print for it. I just love brown!!! I also think it'd be easy to wear with other accessories to make it modern. A very versatile piece!

      Thank you!! Saturday was rough, but Sunday is turning out to be surprisingly nice!

  3. i loves pattern posts! thanks for sharing these, i think i'll add some of them to my wishlist!