26 August, 2012

Polyvore {Once Upon a Time}

The Evil Queen

Once Upon a Time #4


  1. I will have to check out this show, the images look fantastic. I am glad to see such an artistic edge.

    1. I think you'd really like the show!! It's full of amazing costuming as well as fantastic plot and characters!

  2. Those shoes...oh my word, they're so alluringly gorgeous! Burgundy is my second favourite colour, and as I love a good heel (they do wonders for my short height!), I'd soooo wear them.

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my nautical inspired outfit post today, honey. Still doing rough on the health front, so I'm grateful that I have a few snaps (like those ones) from earlier in the summer to use in posts for a little longer (not sure what I'll do if I run out and aren't well enough to take more...I guess just post about other things and jump back into wardrobe posts when I feel better. Fingers crossed things improve before that point though).

    Thanks again, dear friend, you're such a caring soul.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. The Evil Queen does have awesome style!! That's neat, so glad I got your color in there. :) I wish I could wear those heels, they are rockin'!

      I'm sorry to hear that, dear! I do hope you feel better soon. You'll be in my prayers, Jessica! :::hugs:::