01 August, 2012

My Work

Sacrifices of the Heart
Status: Work in Progress
Word Count: 92,179
Pages: 171 {single spaced}
Chapters: Prologue, 28 Chapters, and Epilogue
Series: Not apart of a series
Genre: Historical Fiction
Characters: Yasmine Khalid-Mallard, Dr. Eli Mallard
Setting: 1846, Indiana
Themes: Redemption with romantic elements
Synopsis: Yasmine Khalid is young Muslim woman naive and brokenhearted when her family discards her to the west and into an arranged marriage.

The Other Sister
Status: Needs revised
Word Count: 81,962
Pages: 168 {single spaced}
Chapters: Prologue, 25 Chapters, and Epilogue
Series: Untitled WWII series
Genre: Historical Romance Fiction
Characters: Lizzie Dalgarn, Lt. Gilbert Hamilton
Setting: 1943, Indiana; Italy
Themes: Romance and never go by first impressions
Synopsis: Lizzie Dalgarn finds out that she and her sister are in love with the same man. Can Lizzie forget her feelings for him to secure her sister’s happiness while sacrificing her own?

NaNoWriMo 2012
Title: There is a Season {working title}
Status: Beginning phase
Word Count: ------
Pages: ------
Chapters: ----------
Series: No, this will be a stand alone novel
Genre: Modern fiction
Characters: Colin, Audrey, Katherine, etc...
Setting: present day
Themes: Modern drama with romantic elements. A story about redemption
Synopsis: More to come...

Our Beautiful History {Working Title}
Status: Beginning stages
Word Count: ???
Pages: ???
Chapters: 4
Series: No, not apart of a series. Stand alone novel
Genre: Historical fiction
Characters: Laura, Jasper, Gabe, Ana
Setting: 1830s Indiana, Vigo County
Themes: Redemption, family, romantic elements...
Synopsis: More to come...

All book covers are created by yours truly and are for inspiration only. I have no intention of using these in publication, but for only inspiration during the publication.