10 July, 2012

My favorite blogs

Though I am an aspiring author, I still feed my addiction to all things vintage. And have found out that I receive more support from my vintage readers/friends than I have in the past with most of my writer readers/followers. I know the world of writing can be competitive. Everyone is hoping their manuscript is chosen above any of the others submitted. Understandable, I feel the same way.

My sister is also an aspiring author who has recently been in contact with a literary agent who is interested in one of her novels. {Can you hear me squeal with excitement through the monitor???}

So she is first in my favorite bloggers list... {these are in no particular order. Totally random, I love them all.}

Veronica Leigh
{She's the best and I don't care even if I am biased, she's the best! Love you, sis!}

Stephanie Lynn
She's has mad sewing skills. And knitting skills. And hair styling skills....yeah, I can't do hair, but I love watching her and others figure out how to style their own.

Jessica Cangino
Jessica is such a sweetheart. I've been following her blog for a couple of months now and her blog is awesome. Not to mention her fashion. I love her style, because it doesn't look too complicated and very easily wearable. Always a plus! :-)

I'm a recent follower to The Grande Dame, gosh I love her blog title, and really enjoy reading her blog. Her vintage style has so much color in it and inspires me to add more colors into my wardrobe.

Victory Vintage
{Sorry there are no pics of Beth}
I love reading her blog. She and I have a lot in common: love the 40s, same faith, love needlework, patriotic, etc...  She hasn't updated in a while, so that got me worried. I hope everything is all right in her life outside the internet.

Bunny Moreno
Isn't she fab?? She's always got something interesting over on her blog. And can you believe it, she is a stay at home mom and always, always looks that good. {Wow, I need to put more effort into my look, LOL!}

Lauren is a very crafty, inventive, acurate, vintage and sewing blogger. I will never achieve her skills {Or Stephanie's} though I love reading about each adventure that comes her way. Have you seen the Rita shorts??? They are adorable!

All the way from Scotland, Debi blogs about her world of sewing, knitting, and other crafting endeavors. I secretly want to steal her wardrobe. {And everyone else here...} Well, I guess it's not a secret anymore. :-)


  1. Awww. Thanks for the mention! It's an honor to be listed among such company. And as far as mad skills go, I kind of just plow ahead as if I know what I'm doing and it usually works out.

  2. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for including my little blog in your list! I am very honoured. I do indeed try to include as much colour as possible in my sewing & wardrobe... I find black so very boring! xx

  3. Omg Sean! What a neat surprise! Thank you so much for including me and um I def dont look that fab everyday heheh sshhh dont tell anyone hehee Love your blog btw!!! xox


  4. Thank you for including mine! That is so sweet! Those fashion blogs look so awesome!