25 July, 2012


As of late a little tabby kitten has taken residence on our front porch. He's a little sweetie and I swear he's a look-a-like to my sister's cat Bingley {Pride and Prejude...}. We're thinking he's about nine-months-old and looks pretty healthy. He's lost a little hair and was on the verge of mange, but that's not a problem, we're fattening him up fast.

We named this little fella Gilbert {after Gilbert Blythe of course!} and would very much like him to join our family. I think that would bring us up to five four legged babies. But Bingley isn't happy about Gil. And now Gil isn't too keen on being inside the house.

A friend of ours suggested we put Gil in a krate/pin, which we have, and let the other kitties be around him. Let them spit and yell at him and adjust to Gil being in the house. Now personally I don't know if it would work, our babies are rather...dysfunctional to put it nicely. I do however hate having an outside pet. I don't feel like Gil would get enough attention {of course he may not get a lot of attention inside either and our other babies might feel left out.} and it's either too hot like it is now or will be very cold this winter.

We really need to find Gil a home, I just don't know how it would work with us. This makes me very sad. We've grown attached to the little booger and really love him. But we also want what's best for him and I guess it's not here with us. He just wouldn't get the attention he deserves.

If you know of anyone in the Terre Haute, IN region or would be interested in traveling {I kinda doubt someone would} to make this little fella apart of your family, please message me on my FB page or for those of you who have my email, drop me a line. I don't exactly feel comfortable posting my email publicly on the blog, so messaging will have to do.

Thank you all!


  1. Well I wish I could adopt him! He's so cute! Maybe you could put a dog house out there for him so he has his own little place? I'd love a second kitty too but Molly always says No to the idea.

  2. Gil is soooo completely adorable! He really resembles my Stella, right down to the same shinning amber eyes. If we lived even remotely nearby, I would joyfully add him to our family, but alas we're up here in Canada. I hope though that your other kitties will soften to him, as I think this precious critter needs to join your family.

    ♥ Jessica