23 March, 2012

Must See Films

I have a new list of must see films that I hope you will also be looking forward to and if you have seen them, please, tell me your thoughts on the film(s).

The Hunger Games
I have yet to read the Hunger Trilogy, but the film has none the less sparked an interest in me. Mainly because I have this weird interest in totalitarian regimes {Nazi Germany in particular} and this one in a way uses the practice of eugenics. Something I was glad it was bringing it to light, however I doubt that was the author’s intentions. Anyway, it reminds of me of 1984, so I have to see it.

Act of Valor
Now, you should not be surprised by this. I first saw the promo to this while watching the Superbowl. I thought, wow, this looks pretty cool! I did my research and my family also subscribes to Entertainment Weekly which updated about this project. I already knew I was going to have to see this film {I believe it to be based on a novel by Tom Clancy}, but get this, it features active duty Navy SEAL’s. Uh, can it really get any cooler than that? Well, it can…the directors not only had the SEAL’s act in the film, but they actually took the Sailor’s advice on what was correct and how to make this factual. I love an accurate military film and it’s about time one was made!

October Baby
Just from seeing the promo on tv, I knew I had to see this. Not to mention one of the actors from “Courageous” is in this film. Awesome! The plot seems to be a young lady in search of her birth mother. Can anyone say, tear jerker??? I still have to see it! I’m a sucker for films/books that make me cry.

The Artist
The first mention of a modern silent film has me hooked! Just look at how fabulous the cinematography looks. The costuming is just marvelous. And it’s an indie film, I’m also a sucker for those indie films. {Bella! Saints and Soldiers! Just to name a couple.} Of course I’m also a vintage addict and love period films, needless to say, I have to see this film.

My sister and I are movie nuts and sometimes there are movie obsessions {The Help being the latest}. I don’t have a lot of them, but there’s at least one on here which I’m obsessing over. Can you guess which one that is? ;-)


  1. this is intresting. I really liked Corageous so i'll be sure to check out October Baby. I know this is a little off topic, but would you be intresting in reading some of my writing? just wondering of course.
    Thanks for this post.

  2. Yeah, those all look awesome! Can't wait until they come to DVD. I think last year was a year of really fantastic films, and this year is shaping up to be too.