08 March, 2012

I Write Like....

The other day, my sister found this neat little website where your own manuscript is analyzed. Actually it’s much more than that. Your work is compared to that of classic and critically acclaimed authors past and present.

Mine was somewhat interesting {not nearly as interesting as my sister’s}. My first manuscript I had analyzed, my WWII fiction novel…was compared to author Gertrude Stein.

I then had my other novel {my current WIP} analyzed. The Victorian edgier piece was then compared to....author Margaret Mitchell.

Honestly, I have not read the any of the works or either author. Their work seems pretty different than what I am currently writing. But it’s pretty cool to match up with some pretty big names!

If you are interested in finding out whom you write like, visit I Write Like page; take either a paragraph or a full chapter of your manuscript and copy and paste it into the box provided; then just see who comes up. I’m pretty sure you’ll not only be surprised by the results, but pleased.

1 comment:

  1. That site is pretty cool. I never would have thought that my #1 WIP could be compared to Stephen King. I mean, come on! Its a historical romantic comedy.
    I have never read any of Stein's works, but Margaret Mitchell's style was pretty good. Take it as a complement.