28 November, 2011


From now on, I think I will title all of posts that are about my life in general update; so that if you are not interested in reading it, you can disregard it all together.

Anyway, where do I begin??? Let’s try our living situation…

Well, currently my family and I are trying our best to deal with our riff raff neighbors. Mostly one family in particular who have pretty much do whatever possible for us and others to be miserable on this block. Last week it was so bad, they were throwing food and trash onto our property. (And this past summer after they got out of their inflatable pool they would sit, while still wet, on our glider until they were dry. Creating watermarks on our outside furniture.)

We’ve had just about enough of their crap. So we had enough and called the police. Thankfully the police went over and chatted with the parents because the little cowards high tailed it out of here so they wouldn’t have to answer to the consequences of their actions. Naturally.

The oldest daughter did however come over to apologize. I was pleasantly surprised by that. However the rest of the family are just too cowardly to face what they did to us and the other girl has lowered herself to openly swearing at us, did I mention she’s only 11???

We were close friends at one time. I even babysat for the family, and practically for free because I liked them so much. Though this past summer they were mistreating a poor stray which the girls found and after that none of us wanted to associate with them. So in retaliation for us ignoring them, they think these comments and antics are actually paying us back. No, it’s making us go to the authorities about it. If they had any sense they would realize how classless their actions are.

We’ve wanted to move to the country for a long time. (Probably since I was a little girl I dreamed of a country home.) And I swear if either my sister or I hit a nice book deal, we are out of here. Because if that slum lord will rent to riff raff like that, it’s not about to stop and things will just spiral. A nice house (preferably a log home, but an old farm house will do in a pinch) with tons of land for Daisy to run, and a total of two or three neighbors would be lovely. That way we don’t have to deal with the kind of people we have next door to us.

Believe me they aren’t the first and they won’t be the last. Since we’ve moved it it’s always been a gamble of what kind of neighbors we were going to have. (We live next to a lot of rentals. YAY!) One batch even moved our vehicle to play a practical joke on us. Well, we’ve had enough.

I want three neighbors at most. Land all around us for inspiration. Peace and Quiet!!!!! With much emphasis on all of it!

And if refusing to associate with people who try to trash other’s property, people who mistreat animals, people who cuss neighbors out, people who leave living room furniture out on their front lawn, people who are more interested in having scream/foul language fests over watching their baby makes me a snobby bitch…..then I guess I am. We have standards, it’s too bad they don’t.

11 November, 2011

My favorite Veteran

Yes, this is very much biased.

My favorite Veteran is...

1st Sgt Harold F. Asay
13th and 17th Abn, US Army

Thank you for your service!

10 November, 2011

What knitting reveals

First time knitting can be pretty tricky. Working the needles in a particular way so that your knitting flows easier. And the first item you create while you knit really shows a part of who you are. Yes, I am being serious here.

One night I was having a hard time sleeping, I picked up my knitting hoping it would lull me to sleep. I stared at my work. I could see all the little mistakes. The yarn had split, frayed, and there were small gaps in the piece. Also I begun knitting a scarf, it has now turned out to be a shawl because it’s so wide.

Without getting too philosophical here, I’m going to try and explain my point, so bear with me.

As a believer in Christ, I often find myself making tons of mistakes along the way. I’ve been hurt, I’ve hurt people, and there are scars. I’ve had frayed nerves. There are times I want to just give up because I can’t get it right. But I start all over again knowing it’s the easy way out just to give and I pick up the pieces. Still there is beauty in my life.

That is exactly what I see in my first time knitting. There are holes/gaps, frayed yarn, and mistakes galore. I think I messed up this project quite a few times and was ready to throw in the towel. My mom kept offering to start the project for me. But what would I learn from that? Instead she showed me my mistake and what I could do to fix it. It was hard starting to knit and I still need lots and lots of practice, but I know how and I can practice for the rest of my to perfect my technique.

Like my relationship with Jesus, I feel like I let him down by all the mistakes I make. Still he shows me that I can’t fix it by myself, I have to let Him show me the way. When I do, although my life shows wear and tear of all the struggles and hurt I’ve experienced life will go on and I can either learn from those experiences or let it defeat me. I choose to learn from them.

I’ll bet you never thought you could get a lesson in faith from something as simple as knitting, am I right?

05 November, 2011


It’s been long overdue for an update, because both of my followers must be worried. Life hasn’t been exciting, but sometimes I prefer those periods.

Earlier this month, our family decided it was time that we needed a change and we’re now searching for a new church. The first two Sunday’s were quite disappointing. Both churches seemed to more “playacting” instead of actually preaching for God. One of them was even a chauvinist. Needless to say we weren’t going to return to those churches. And honestly I was thinking, “what’s the point?” and just stay at home to watch In Touch with Charles Stanley.

Then last week we tried another church and finally we all enjoyed the message and the Pastor. Though I’m not ready to say this is “the one” considering it was only one service we attended.

Another update: about a week ago I found out about a logo contest for an online seller on Etsy. I haven’t heard back, but I accidentally misunderstood her and created a banner for her blog and business, well she said it was “beautiful”! So I’m hoping the logo I created is beautiful too. And If I win, my logo will be chosen and I will receive a $100 gift certificate to her store. If I’m a runner up, I will receive a $25 gift certificate. So far my artwork is currently being judged by her and a couple of friends and hopefully will hear back soon on who won.

My WIP: The first draft is done and I’m almost done with draft two and already working on pieces that I will need for draft three. In the meantime I’ve printed off The Other Sister because my Mom had requested to read it. She finished most of it so far and says she loves it. Now I’m worried how my Dad will perceive it. It’s a romance, and although he enjoyed my sister’s novel, I still wonder what he will think about it.

I believe that’s all for now...