03 October, 2011

Must See Films

I've been wanting to do a post on some must see films of 2011. I don't usually have to see a film. Normally I can wait until it comes out on DVD and then I can watch it at my leisure. Well, here are my Must See movies...

The Debt
The plot centers around Mossad tracking down a Nazi war criminal. It features Helen Mirren and I'm a fan of her work. She's such a talented actress. So I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed. Also anything that involved hunting down the Nazi's really piques my interest.

From the creators of Fireproof and Facing the Giants, now has a new film. The plot is very inspirational about police and fatherhood. I have a close relationship with my own dad and hope that this film will help children and father's grow closer together.

Finally, as if this is any surprise...

The Help
The novel had been rejected over 60 times and when it was finally accepted soon became a New York Times Bestseller. Now the novel is being adapted to film and has been widely accepted. Skeeter, an awkward aspiring writer gets stuck with a cleaning column at the Jackson Journal and when she begins to ask some of the maids about cleaning, secrets are revealed.

There are other movies that I would like to see. But I HAVE to see these three films. What are some Must See films for you? Are any on my list?