28 September, 2011

Rosie the Reviewer {Love Finds You…}

I think most Christian authors are acquainted with the “Love finds you in…” some city in the United States, correct? Honestly I thought it was a good idea. Even though I am not fond of romance, I think it’s neat that American authors are writing about all fifty-one states.

That’s right I said, fifty-one states, because apparently we have now added Prince Edward Island into the Union. The novel Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island, Canada was published recently into the US State romance series. Anyone else kind of perturbed by this? Or the fact that they have written about many “States” such as Hawaii (the Hawaii novel was set in 1880’s Hawaii) before they were even states. Even though they were eventually added into the Union, how can you publish those into the US Romance series when at that time they were not yet apart of the Union??? At least write about the state after it was added to the Union so that it can accurately be apart of the US Romance series.

Not to mention that with this Love Finds You series there is as usually higher percentage of books written about Texas and the Western States than there was about the Midwest. I guess it’s okay to overlook the Midwest even though some of the States joined the Union before Texas did. And Indiana in 2016 will be celebrating our bicentennial and I believe Ohio celebrated theirs in 2004. But yes, forget about the Midwest, we’re obviously not important enough to remember. So let’s just write about Prince Edward Island instead.

Yep, makes perfect sense if you don’t think about it.

22 September, 2011

Progress on my WIP

I began my current project SOTH, a little bit edgier than my last project, in mid to late March of this year. I continued along until it hit June, when I took about a four month hiatus. I usually do that every year because my dad is off in the summer and it give me and my sister time to spend with him. Great times!

I started up again this month, with only two chapters and an epilogue and I have almost 70,000 words with just the first draft. Honestly I didn’t think I was capable of that. I had hoped at best, maybe, 60,000, but definitely not around 70,000. My goal is 80,000. I’m thinking about raising it to 85,000 to make things interesting.

The plot of SOTH, is very different than my last novel The Other Sister (a WWII romance, which still needs some work). It deals with multi-religions, cultures, societies, etc… The book revolves around young Yasmine Khalid. There are some twists and turns in the novel, but I wouldn’t say it’s unpredictable. Personally I don’t mind a predictable novel, so long as it’s unconventional.

I am pretty pleased with SOTH. It wasn’t meant to be some edgy, unconventional novel. When I first thought of the plot, a little over a year ago, I had it as some simple sweet story and now it’s turned into something…special. I can’t imagine it as anything else.

Honestly, I never saw myself writing something like this. If you asked me two or three years ago, I would have thought you were making a joke. But God’s sending me into a new direction. And I’m enjoying the journey.

11 September, 2011


September 10th was the day before we lost our blinders.

September 11th was the day our world as we knew it changed.

September 12th was the day we came together.

It has been 10 years and although it seems like so many have already forgotten, it feels like it was yesterday to me.

Never Forget!

01 September, 2011

Season Finale – The Closer

I have been following The Closer for a little over a year now. And slowly with re-runs on TNT have been able to watch just about every episode made so far. Quickly I became a fan of the Major Crimes division of the LAPD and think Brenda Leigh Johnson is one cool gal!

The content below contains spoilers of last season’s episode as well as this season in general.

Last season on The Closer on episode “War Zone” featuring three American Soldiers, who just returned home from Afghanistan, gunned down all because of mistaken identity. One of the Soldiers was a twin to a Black gang member, Terrell Baylor. This gang member had murdered a Grandfather and his grandson (aka the “Shootin’ Newtin murders) just because he hadn’t been waited on in a local store. With that the Baylor gained immunity through the LAPD and confessed to Brenda and Gabriel that he committed the murder. Since he had immunity the Major Crimes division could not arrest him for the double homicide. He was then dropped off by Brenda, Gabriel, and Sanchez in front of his home. We find out later that Terrell Baylor was beaten to death by fellow gang members.

Fast forward to this season…Chief Delk has made inquiries into the Shootin’ Newtin murder against Deputy Chief Johnson, using Captain Raydor to fulfil this inquiry. (In the last season if you remember Sharon Raydor and Brenda finally became friends after a drawn out dispute between them.) In that same episode we find out Assistant Chief Pope is going to be demoted to Captain. After Chief Delk suffers from an aneurysm, Chief Pope is promoted to Chief of the LAPD. Captain Raydor is summoned by him to further the inquiries, instead of putting an end to them. We find out here, Pope is and never has been a friend to Brenda. Though that hasn’t stopped Captain Raydor from doing her best to help her friend, Brenda.

Now it seems that the Baylor’s lawyer knows something about what happened in the police car after they dropped off Terrell. Which suggests a leak within the division. Someone has betrayed the trust of Major Crimes and Deputy Chief Johnson.

Naturally I want to say it is Chief Pope, mainly because I have such a strong dislike for the character. Or even Commander Taylor, who really isn’t such an important character. But what alarms me is that I have an uneasy feeling that it might in fact be Gabriel, Johnson’s right hand man. I can narrow out some of them, it clearly isn’t Sanchez because of his anger about the questioning of their ethics and Buzz, who is just too nice, really can anyone actually believe he would do that??? I don’t think so. I also do not believe it would be Raydor, it would just be too obvious, and since she’s going to be the star of the next connecting show Major Crimes, I highly doubt that they would keep on the one who betrayed Brenda.

So that leaves: Lt. Provenza, Lt. Flynn, Lt. Tao, Lt. Gabriel, Commander Taylor, and Chief Pope. I don’t want to think that it’s Gabriel, but I have an uneasy feeling that they may just use him for it to throw off so many viewers.

If you are a fellow fan of The Closer, let me know what your thoughts on the leak in the Major Crimes division. Remember the show will be ending soon, probably this month. :::pouts:::