22 September, 2011

Progress on my WIP

I began my current project SOTH, a little bit edgier than my last project, in mid to late March of this year. I continued along until it hit June, when I took about a four month hiatus. I usually do that every year because my dad is off in the summer and it give me and my sister time to spend with him. Great times!

I started up again this month, with only two chapters and an epilogue and I have almost 70,000 words with just the first draft. Honestly I didn’t think I was capable of that. I had hoped at best, maybe, 60,000, but definitely not around 70,000. My goal is 80,000. I’m thinking about raising it to 85,000 to make things interesting.

The plot of SOTH, is very different than my last novel The Other Sister (a WWII romance, which still needs some work). It deals with multi-religions, cultures, societies, etc… The book revolves around young Yasmine Khalid. There are some twists and turns in the novel, but I wouldn’t say it’s unpredictable. Personally I don’t mind a predictable novel, so long as it’s unconventional.

I am pretty pleased with SOTH. It wasn’t meant to be some edgy, unconventional novel. When I first thought of the plot, a little over a year ago, I had it as some simple sweet story and now it’s turned into something…special. I can’t imagine it as anything else.

Honestly, I never saw myself writing something like this. If you asked me two or three years ago, I would have thought you were making a joke. But God’s sending me into a new direction. And I’m enjoying the journey.


  1. I cannot wait to read the last half of your story. I love the first half. Super amazing and excellent! BTW- awesome little measuring chart on you WIP!

  2. Congrats on making great progress on the novel! My current novel started out as a simple story, as well, but God had other ideas and made it the most complex novel I've written to date. Guess He had other plans. ;-)

  3. @Veronica - Thanks so much! I was worried about this one, but I'm so thankful to have you as an honest soundboard!

    @Melissa - It's funny how God works that way! :) I just love a complex novel! His plans are always better than ours!