28 September, 2011

Rosie the Reviewer {Love Finds You…}

I think most Christian authors are acquainted with the “Love finds you in…” some city in the United States, correct? Honestly I thought it was a good idea. Even though I am not fond of romance, I think it’s neat that American authors are writing about all fifty-one states.

That’s right I said, fifty-one states, because apparently we have now added Prince Edward Island into the Union. The novel Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island, Canada was published recently into the US State romance series. Anyone else kind of perturbed by this? Or the fact that they have written about many “States” such as Hawaii (the Hawaii novel was set in 1880’s Hawaii) before they were even states. Even though they were eventually added into the Union, how can you publish those into the US Romance series when at that time they were not yet apart of the Union??? At least write about the state after it was added to the Union so that it can accurately be apart of the US Romance series.

Not to mention that with this Love Finds You series there is as usually higher percentage of books written about Texas and the Western States than there was about the Midwest. I guess it’s okay to overlook the Midwest even though some of the States joined the Union before Texas did. And Indiana in 2016 will be celebrating our bicentennial and I believe Ohio celebrated theirs in 2004. But yes, forget about the Midwest, we’re obviously not important enough to remember. So let’s just write about Prince Edward Island instead.

Yep, makes perfect sense if you don’t think about it.


  1. By 2016, there will be like five books set in Texas, ten in Kansas, six in Pennsylvania, three in California, and twelve in London. Just kidding....... But you get my point. Why write anymore about little ol' Indiana when one book is more than enough? Grrrr....

  2. Sean, you had me laughing. Thanks for mentioning my book. True, it's the first one set outside the U.S., but I don't think the publisher ever intended this to be a U.S. only series. The books are NOT about states. Each is set in a town with an interesting name. It doesn't really matter what state it's in, although I know Melanie Dobson wrote one in the series, called "Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana." Each story in some way connects with the town name. When the editor asked me to write the first one set outside the U.S., I was thrilled. PEI is a gorgeous place with a fascinating history. We didn't focus on a particular town for this one, but on the island itself. I wrote about Queen Victoria's son, Albert Edward (later King Edward VII), who visited PEI in 1860. He also visited a lot of other places in Canada and the US, but I built my story around his brief stop in PEI. One other point, about some of the stories being pre-statehood. Again, the series isn't about states. It's about interesting places and the characters who might have populated them. Of course they are all fiction, and romance, and they all have a thread of faith running through them. I do hope you'll give them a try.

  3. @Veronica- Seriously you had me going. Because I could seriously see that happening.

    @Susan- With all due respect, Susan, when the series first started it was supposed to be one book per state. And as usual the Christian market has chosen to totally change everything. Including out of country novels. The problem I have is with the historical accuracies which this series has blatantly disregarded. I plan on reading the one with my own state just to see if it actually reads like it was actually based in Indiana, like so few books that are set in Indiana actually do.