06 June, 2011

Our Only Chance

The world was at war. It was our only chance. There had to be an invasion. We had postponed Operation Overlord for almost a month. If we continued it would jeopardize our chances at winning the war. We had to invade. And we had to do it now!

Gen. Eisenhower’s strategy was superb. The technology was state of the art. Our men were the best. Were had a dogged determination. Defeat was not an option.

The early morning hours came, and the Airborne was sent over in phases. Then by six o’clock more soldiers were storming the beaches. It was only the beginning of an all-out hellish war against the evils of the Third Reich. Most of them still unaware of the brutality the Nazis were inflicting upon the peoples of Europe.

There was one thing that set our troops back. The weather. If it weren’t for the bad weather conditions the days before, and even the unpleasantness on the actual invasion day, our tanks would have arrived onto the beaches to reinforce the men. The Airborne wouldn’t have been scattered haphazardly all over northern France. And the Navy would have been able to protect their vessels better.

But God was on our side that day. God was saving lives who was meant to fight further on in the war. For others, it was their time to meet their maker.

It is sixty-seven years later. The veterans of WWII are dying. So is the memory of what they did on the beaches of Normandy. They’ve done so much to preserve our freedoms. Let’s remember their sacrifices and honor D-Day.

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  1. God Bless the men who fought that day. And thank you for posting this to commemorate the memory of D-day.