27 June, 2011

Novel Dilemma

As some of you know, I have recently finished my novel The Other Sister, a WWII historical romance. I would greatly love to query it out and God willing, will be able to get an agent so then it could finally be published. However there are other novels that I may want to publish that are somewhat connected, but together they are not a series.

My dilemma is, I have two or three other projects I want to publish first. I had wanted the other two novel possibilities published not too long after The Other Sister. Would it be odd if there were more than a one-year gap between publications?

Another thought I’ve been debating over, was to instead of trying to query The Other Sister out to agents; I would finish my current project and when that is finished to then query that novel.

I am not well acquainted with the world of publication as I am with writing. I am not the kind of writer who can just sit down and write anything. I have to actually be in the mood and/or very excited about the project before I even pursue it.

I guess I’m looking for some advice from some fellow writers. Would it be odd to publish them out of sequence? Or since I have a novel done, would it be silly to wait and not pursue it further?

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  1. You've already made your decision, but this comment is just to say that I can't wait to see the new design up. Everything you create is fabuloso!