23 December, 2010

God Thing

The other night I was talking with my sister about our writing, what we are planning on tackling next. I casually mentioned that I had a short story and that it would be neat if it could be published someday. It's nothing edgy, nothing fascinating. Just a short little fan fiction I wrote based on my favorite book and favorite author. Though it was a short story, and would be perfect for something like the "Chicken Soup for the Soul..." which is a collection of short inspirational stories.

Nothing quite suited my little short story.

Until today. I got an email from my sister Veronica Leigh, that she found a contest that is absolutely perfect for my sort story. I do have to edit some. Add about a couple thousand words, no biggie, I can do that with ease. The only problem I see, is that I will be one out of possibly millions of other aspiring authors who wish to be published. It's so wonderful how one night I was speaking of wanting to publish this short story and a little later I find something perfect for it. To me, it is a total God thing! Would you please say a pray for me? It would be much appreciated.

16 December, 2010

The Twelve Steps

I’ve read many books, seen movies, and even some of my favorite television shows which have touched on the subject of alcoholism. Of course they portray it in a bad light. Usually in the episode/scene in the book/movie starts off by showing how the evils of alcoholism is destructive, but I feel like sometimes they are lacking in something.

I wonder, does alcoholism even mean anything to them? Is it a way to gain ratings/props for their work?

Some of you know that one of my favorite television programs is The Closer. Two of the characters in the show (Fritz Howard and Lt. Flynn) are recovered alcoholics. Then in Fire by Night by Lynn Austin, one of my favorite authors has Dr. James McGrath who was a recovered alcoholic, his life almost destroyed by his substance abuse. All this got the wheels turning, do they really understand it? Do they realize it, truly understand alcoholism? Is it just to make things interesting, just to add some edginess?

To go from I want it to I need it and know you are no longer in control over yourself, but that you need a drink to sustain you. To be totally and completely dependent on a crutch?! For those who know or have family who has dealt with alcoholism disease (and yes it is a disease), to live in fear, that you too may inherit it, can you comprehend that?

For me and my family alcoholism is real! My grandpa had a drinking problem that may have developed into alcoholism if he hadn’t stopped himself, many of my uncles were alcoholics, my great-grandpa was not only an alcoholic, but a gambler. Because of them, I know that I cannot ever take a drink, because I may have inherited the disease. I am however thankful that I know about my family, that I may not make the same mistakes that they had. To learn from them. Alcoholism isn’t just a topic, it’s real to me.

07 December, 2010

A New Way to see Pearl Harbor

These were found in an old Brownie Kodak camera...a new way to see the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Remember Pearl Harbor!