26 March, 2010


Amanda Mitchell is an aspiring author who is currently writing a fantasy novel “Anya Moor”. I have had the privilege of reading her work and so can you at anyamoor.xanga.com as well as adding her on Facebook.

Amanda, how did you become interested in writing? Was it a hero/heroine, family member, etc…
I've always made up stories in my head, but I didn't start writing them down until I met one of my very good friends. He's working on a...7-novel series, I think (it could be 10...), and that inspired me to start writing my stories down.

How did you begin writing your fantasy/sci-fi novel of Anya Moor?
While I was in the middle of my other novel, ideas started to come to me about a girl with powers like Anya's. It was almost like someone was talking to me, telling me about themselves.

Do you have any other work planned for after you finish your novel on Anya Moor? Would you write other fantasy fiction for today’s youth?
I don’t have anything planned for after Anya. If I did, I’d be too tempted to start on it right away, and then nothing would get finished.

Who is your hero in the world of fiction? Why?
Um...probably JRR Tolkien. Or Christopher Paolini, although I didn’t read the Inheritance cycle until this year. Both of them successfully created alternate worlds with believable characters and broad storylines, and that's pretty much what I’m trying to do.

Who is your soundboard? Someone you can go to who will be completely neutral when you want to talk about writing?
My friends Nate and Josh have given me TONS of ideas for my stories. Almost as many as all the books I’ve read.

Besides your novel about Anya Moor, what other work have you started? Would you be willing to talk about it for me?
My first attempt at a novel (which I’m still working on) is about a winged girl named Luthien. She escapes from the convent/charity school where she was raised after the city of the winged people was destroyed by humans. It’s still a really long way from being done.

Personally is it at all difficult to be an aspiring author, why or why not?
It's very difficult. You have to find ideas somewhere, and that can be really challenging. Then you have to write those ideas in coherent, interesting, and original form. The scariest part is letting people read it, because you don’t know if they’re going to like it or not.

Is there someone you can accredit to helping you with your writing (such as editing and/or researching) and helping to inspire you?
Like I said, my friend Nate inspired me to start writing. all my friends help keep me going, even when it gets tough, like it has been lately with college stuff and general lack of ideas going on.

Will the story of Anya Moore become a series? Or will it be a stand alone novel?
At this point, I’m just working on finishing it. If it ends up being too long, it may have to be split into more than one book. I can only hope to have enough ideas for that to happen...but it will be all the way finished before I try to get published, so it’s not something I really have to wrestle with at this point.

Is there anything you wish to say to encourage aspiring authors and their work?
I'd say just write. Any time you have an idea, whenever a character pops into your head, write it down. If you get an image of a place, write it down, even if you have no idea where or when it is. Even if its just 2 lines stuck randomly in the middle of something else, blocked off by brackets, write it down. And read back over it from time to time, refining and expanding it if you can.
Also, feed your brain images and sounds and stories like the ones you want to create. if you’re trying to write something in first person, read stories that you like that are written that way. If you want to write about dragons, go on photobucket and look up pictures of dragons. Or fairies. Or cats. Or whatever. Listen to music that gives you vivid mental pictures. Soundtracks to movies you've never seen are good for this. Let your mind wander in the sounds cape and see what you find.
If you want to create a story, you have to feed your brain the raw materials and give it the opportunity to spit out fragmented ideas. That’s how stories are born.

Sean MacKenzie: Is the author of five blogs (xanga (1 professional, 1 personal use), blogspot, shoutlife, ECFL) and is also a member of Facebook. She herself is writing a piece of fiction herself set in heart of Nazi Germany as well as many other pieces she hopes to publish one in particular is about the US Airborne. Don't forget to subscribe/follow her if you wish for further updates.

22 March, 2010

Upcoming Review

Of as you guessed it a WWII romance, you know me, I love my WWII romances...

Of Sarah Sundin's "A Distant Melody: Book One" in the Wings of Glory Series. I am almost half way through and I will most likely be done with it by the end of the week, since I am such a slow reader. Yes, people I love to read, I'm just so darn slow at it. :-) I hope you look forward to it!

Take care all y'all!

19 March, 2010

The next interview to be expected....

With none other than aspiring author....

Amanda Mitchell!!!! I can wait for you to read the answers to the interview, it's going to be another great interiew!!!!!

17 March, 2010

The Life of a Writer

The life of a writer isn’t an easy one. It can be lonely and frustrating at times, where others is can be rewarding and dare I say even miraculous when you touch the heart of a reader. You must have thick skin and a wall to full of rejection slips until that one agent sees your book with the potential it actually has.

Writing may be a hobby to some, but to me and many others it’s a passion. It’s what I want my career to be. Finding support and people to back you can be the most difficult task of a writer. Sometimes you can’t even go to your family or friends; who then can you turn to? Fellow writers…sometimes a perfect stranger can become a wonderful friend just because you have one thing in common, you both love to write. You have to realize that when you want people to listen you must speak often of your work even when it seems no one is listening.

You shouldn’t call someone who writes a simple note or a list a writer, when I hear someone belittling my love for writing and comparing it to writable disk, is one of the worst insults you can give a writer.
I have come to realize something lately; it sometimes can be a writer’s own fault for not letting people into their private work. I believe its fear of rejection or mockery; a writer’s heart can be very sensitive when they attach themselves to a book/novel they are writing. That they may put on a façade of a secure exterior, but on the inside they want to be accepted for their talent and their work.

Remember writers you are not alone. That every writer has their weaknesses and their insecurities, but if you don’t try to open up to people, how can you expect them to care? Take a chance, I did and I didn’t regret it.