25 February, 2010

Interview with Lisa Sinnock

Lisa Frank Sinnock, is wife, mother, and aspiring author. She has been writing a novel of her own of edgy Christian fiction. Learn more about her at Frankies Stories and add her on Facebook.

Lisa Sinnock, have you been writing you’re whole life? Or was it within a few years you decided writing was the career for you?
I always wanted to write. I remember ‘getting the bug’ when I was in elementary school. Life sort of crowded it out, however, so I never did the writing that I wanted to. It has only been the last 6-8 years that I’ve really begun working in earnest.

You are hoping to self-publish your work, why?
I think the first reason was because I thought maybe I was just not good enough (yet) to publish through a publishing company. But the 2nd reason is because I don’t have what it takes, in my life right now, to handle deadlines. Once you sign on, you have to produce. My family is my first priority. No publishing deadline can top that. 3rd, I did not like the idea of someone else going through my work and making me take things out. I hooked up with Edgy Christian Fiction Writers because I saw that there were others who felt this way. The Christian publishers won’t allow certain topics or topics that are ‘too graphic’ – but they are often a part of life that we need to address. If the Christians can’t address them, how will the world know the better perspective? Then the secular publishers often tell Christian writers that their work is ‘too Christian.’ I guess I just want to write because I have something to say. If others change it, then it may end up being something other than what I wanted to say. And 4th, I’m seeing a great trend toward self-publishing. It is no longer the publishing mode for those who can’t get anyone to accept their work. Good writers are self-publishing. It’s cheaper, it’s faster and, it turns out, it’s more expressive of the individual.

In your personal opinion, what is today’s Christian market lacking?
Realism. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we want. Sometimes there are people in our lives we can’t reconcile with. Sometimes there are dark forces working against us and they wreak havoc with our peace. Sometimes Christians get caught in pornography addiction or alcoholism. I think that Ted Dekker and Frank Piretti are breaking trail in this area, and they are finding a high measure of success with it. People want to read things that catch them by the throat. And they want to see that God can work with THEM even though they have scars that will remain.

What is the hardest thing about being an unpublished author?
Overall, I think it’s the lack of an editor to come along side. I’m sure I can hire one, but I currently don’t have the funds for that. This is one of the benefits of going with a publishing company – they stay with you on the editing. I have readers, but they are not professional editors. My self-publishing package only allows for one editing run, so I have to finish first and then get it edited. Also, for me, since this is not my main occupation, I get frustrated sometimes that life won’t let me focus on the story I want to write. It’s always going, in my head, but the time to type is limited.

What is your favorite piece of literature, and has it inspired you in any way? If so, why?
I think The Outsiders is one of the books that hooked me. The story was so compelling and so heart wrenching that I was left with an impression that has stayed with me all these years. I read it when I was a teenager. I knew then that I wanted to tell a story that caught others by the soul and left an indelible impression.

Can you tell me a little bit about your current novel you’re working on? If not, would you be willing to tell me of any other pieces of your work you wish to have published?
My current novel…Stoning the Crows is about the effect of street drug addiction on an entire city. Teenagers, parents, teachers, youth workers, policemen, dealers…they’re all affected by this nebulous, insidious darkness. The phrase, ‘Stoning the crows,’ comes from possibly Australia, or old England. It’s meaning, currently, is one of extreme surprise. “Well, Stone the crows!!” someone might say. But originally, it really meant to stone crows. The sheep farmers would send their children out into the fields to throw stones at the crows, because these vicious birds would kill and eat the newborn lambs. My premise is that God sends out his children, some who know Him and some who do not, to stone the crows – to keep the evil predators away from the youth. These heroes work to ‘hold the line’ in the city and try to keep the carnage to a minimum. They know they can only do so much, but it would be wrong to turn a blind eye.

Which topic is most interesting to you to write about? And why do you feel you are drawn to it?
I have a variety of topics, actually. Alzheimer’s, a medieval story about a princess who is thrown into ruling her country because of the death of her father, the king, a rogue police officer who works under cover, a man who becomes a fire fighter in order to get away from his inner demons, but finds that he has to face them in the flames, to name a few. I also like to take old ballads or Western songs and write them into stories. I am drawn to some stories because I have, in some way, lived them. I grew up with abuse. For me, a lot of my stories deal with heroes – simple people who do what is right, just because it is right. For other stories, it is simply the challenge to write something that I’ve never tried. I am driven to write. I simply can’t NOT write.

Is it difficult to get agents/publishers to look at your work because you are a first time author?
I have not tried. I chose self-publishing before I even got into the game.

Is there a certain someone who you can count on to be a good sound board for your ideas in your novel or future work?
Yes, I have several. As I work on my current novel, there are police officers that I’ve ridden with, one who is also a writer, and I find that there are certain people who are particularly interested in certain characters I write. I have them read about those characters and give me feedback. There is not ONE person, currently, however. I think I would like one person who was my primary reader, but I find that having several provides good input from several directions and perspectives. One of my readers is a grammar guru. I give him scenes to read and he goes on ‘dangling modifier patrol.’

What inspired your current novel (and other work you plan to write)? Why?
You know…I’m uncertain. The novel takes place in my home town, Chula Vista, in my high school, by another name. There are characters who resemble people I grew up with. But I never got into the drug scene, so this is not a life experience story, from that perspective. To be honest, I think this story grew out of a romance…one that had no substance, but began to spiral outward, picking up solid form as it spun. Romance, by itself, is rather boring. But as this one played out, intrigue, danger and uncertainty wove its way into the story line. Currently, it has about 40,000 words, and very little of it is based on the romance that is, of course, still there. J The premise of the story, again involving heroes, is perhaps my grown up experience of looking back and seeing the Hand of God at work, even when I gave Him no heed.

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23 February, 2010

Interviews, book plots and a new character???

Yello all, that's right, I'm packed full of news for you. A few weeks ago I posted a entry about interview with unpublished authors, well the first aspiring author you will hear from is....drum roll please


Lisa Sinnock!!!

I can't wait to share the interview with you, I got an email from her today and she's also looking forward to your comments. As am I!


On another note, if you are on my protected list with my xanga blog, which few are, because I don't have premium, you will soon learn of a new plot I have. YAY!!!! I will also be putting up a synopsis of a couple of new novellas that I will be working on with authors and xangans Natalie White and Veronica Leigh (Psst, you will also be hearing from them in the interviews as well!!!)


I will also be changing my character meez to one of my new characters....huh, can you guess who, time will tell.

Take care,

16 February, 2010

Mr. Darcy, I’m Waiting…

Dear Mr. Darcy,
Right now, since I am young and single. I have been waiting for you to enter into my life fore years. You are always in my thoughts and I pray for you often. I have encountered many young men who are a distant cry of who you are. Not one of them can even compare to you.
You are selfless, you are a real gentleman, you are not passive, you are classy, and once your mind is made up, no one can change it. You are a real man, someone I can actually respect. Someone who will put me in my place when I need it as I will with you. You may be proud and at times arrogant, but so am I. You’re love is strong and is a love that will last forever. You are not shallow and superficial like most young men, you look deep into a heart. You like a challenge to romance my heart and you are patient in knowing it might take a while.

People think it’s the real fictional character I am waiting for. They try and put you down, but in reality they are just feel threatened by a fictional character that has surpassed time and they never will (thanks to my sister who came up with that brilliant observation, thanks Veronica). Mr. Darcy is only a name to the personality that women for almost two hundred years have fallen in love with. I feel sorry for all the young men who feel jealous of a character, when they could be trying to enhance themselves with Darcy’s traits. Men it’s not Darcy we want, it’s his traits. And I know you will have them in abundance.

I have often been ridiculed for waiting for you. To not give myself and pieces of my heart to other young men. I want all of me, all of who God made me for you, to go to you. The comments hurt very much, they often leave me in tears. I’ve been called creepy, ridiculous, dumb, and so much more. I wonder what you would think. Would you comfort me? Would you defend me? I believe you would.
One last thing my Mr. Darcy, is that I will wait. I don’t know how long I will have to and I might not even realize it when you have entered my life, but I will wait for you. As I know you will wait for me. Because I’m worth the wait and because you are worth the wait!
With Love,
Your Elizabeth Bennet

09 February, 2010

The Man I Love

I think it's pretty obvious that I am above all a hopeless romantic and that no one has found the key to my heart, yet.
When I was only thirteen, I was introduced to the world of Jane Austen when I received the book "Pride and Prejudice" as a Christmas present in 2002. I was reluctant to read, it I have had read many classics before in my life and none of them were very good.

But as I read Jane Austen's word, I became engulfed by the story, the characters, and the sacrificial love found within the pages. I connected most with the character Miss Elizabeth Bennet and (yes, that is my pen name), I could see myself saying the same things she said. Doing the same things she did, Elizabeth Bennet was me. And I was very happy with that, she is a strong heroine.
When I finished "Pride and Prejudice", I had to watch the book to movie! So needless to say I did. And it confirmed my feelings.

There I was, at the tender age of thirteen and I was in love for the first time in my life. I had met the man I had always dreamed of, no he wasn't perfect, but perfect to me and for me.
I had met Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Oh, and what a lovely name too! Unique as he is! Alas this love could never happen. I was devastated as I grew older and there was no Mr. Darcy. No one even close to being like him. I loved Mr. Darcy, even his flaws, just as I knew he would love me for mine. Still, no Mr. Darcy.

Where was he, why couldn't I find him?

Mr. Darcy is no where to be found. So here I am, at the now tender age of twenty and My Mr. Darcy is no where in sight. I have never met anyone like him and most likely never will.

03 February, 2010

“I Knew Them When…” Interviews

Featuring Aspiring Authors:
Veronica Leigh
Natalie White
Lisa Sinnock
Amanda Mitchell
Cathy Bryant

Everyone seems to want to interview the already published authors in the Christian market, I have decided to do the opposite. I want you to see what life is like for an aspiring author in today’s world.

Make sure you don’t miss the inside lives of an unpublished author…