21 September, 2010

A little something for Hoosiers

Indiana is not one of the most popular states, we’re really underappreciated. Hoosiers can be the friendliest people. One Hoosier can walk up to another and instantly strike up a conversation as if we’ve known each other our whole life. A true Hoosier loves the land in which they were born and raised in. The rich soil, the beautiful colors, and marvelous fields. We love our land, we are self-assured and self-defiant people who enjoy hardy work. We are the only Yankee state with a Southern influence, because the majority of new settlers came from Dixie land. Even President Lincoln enjoyed his years here. Yes sometimes we even sound Southern.

Indiana is a uniquely wonderful state. You could give me the New England in the autumn, the beaches of California, the mountains of Colorado, but nothing, I repeat nothing, can compare to my home in Indiana.

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