09 July, 2010


Ashley Wengerd is an aspiring author of Children’s and Young Adult fiction in the Christian market. She currently babysits and cares for children and runs a blog on xanga (HER SITEshe is also on Facebook.

Ashley, can you tell me a little about how you became interested in writing. Or when you felt God calling you to write for him?
I was homeschooled up until 8th grade, and in grade 5 or 6 (maybe 7th) I had to write a story for Language Arts. That sort of sparked my interest, and one summer (this was also during our homeschool years) I had an idea for a story, but it never got off the ground. When I went to public school, I always enjoyed English class and Effective Writing; I always got good grades in those classes, but for some reason never made the connection that this was what I was good at and what I enjoyed doing as well. When I graduated from high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I had written poems and jokes as a little girl and after high school had written some short stories, but it wasn't until about a year or two after I graduated that I realized this was what I wanted to do. I enjoyed it, I was good at it, so I figured I may as well do this for a living!

Who is your favorite author and how have they inspired you in your own work?
I really like Karen Kingsbury and also Melody Carlson. I like Karen because she writes good, inspirational stories that always have a happy ending. I love happy endings! I like Melody because she writes about real-life issues that teens (especially teen girls) face, like homosexuality, self-injury, trying to fit in, etc. They have both inspired me in that I want to write about issues that people face today, not necessarily teens, but I also want my stories to be inspirational, encouraging, messages of hope.

What are some series that you hope to write in the future, besides Children’s/Young Adult Fiction, what would be the genres?
That's a tough one! Maybe the same genres but with some mystery and/or romance added in. I have thought about doing devotionals for adults, and also just adult books too.

Are you writing anything at the present? If so, would you be willing to share a little bit about it?
I am not currently writing anything at the present, though I do have some ideas swirling around in my head, one of which is an idea for a children's book. It's about how when we go to a friends house, our friend is so excited to see us, they greet us warmly at the door, they make sure we are comfortable and make sure we have a good time. Well, the point of that is that Jesus is our friend, and when we get to Heaven, He'll be so excited to see us, He'll greet us warmly by the Pearly Gates, and He's made sure that Heaven is a perfect place where there'll be no sorrow, crying, or pain. We'll be well-cared for and taken care of, and have a grand time!

What genre is your favorite to write/read: historical, romance, suspense, modern day, fantasy, etc…
I love reading modern-day stuff, but I also enjoy some suspense/mystery and romance. I have read some historical stuff in the past that I really liked. As for writing, I like to write modern-day things as well, but I like to add romance and suspense in them too.

What is your writing style like and which authors to do you read to help your skill?
My writing style is very casual and modern, and as for authors; again, I really like Karen Kingsbury and Melody Carlson. If it's interesting, I'll read pretty much any book, but my favorites are modern-day stories, and that's usually what I like to write.

Is there someone you can go to as a good sound board to bounce ideas off of?
One of my cousins also likes to write, and we often share ideas and advice with each other.

Outside of writing can you tell the readers what other hobbies you have and what keeps your life busy?
I enjoy reading, obviously, as well as baking and cooking, watching TV & movies, listening to music, going on walks, and hanging out with my family and friends! Work pretty much keeps me busy, as well as church and youth group stuff.

How has deciding to write for God as a career impacted your life? Are people supportive/critical?
Well, I don't have a career in writing yet, so I can't say that it's actually impacted my life. Most people are very supportive and encouraging, which helps a lot.

Can you give any last words encouraging other aspiring authors?
Just keep trying, don't give up, and especially don't worry about what other people think of you or your stories! (I'm working on the last part for myself, lol.) If you have a story in your heart/mind, go ahead and write it!  If you feel too self-conscious about showing it to someone, again, don't worry about what people will think of it, but if you really aren't ready to show anyone, then keep it to yourself. It's kind of nice writing something just for your eyes only. :)

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  1. Nice to meet you Ashley. Good luck on your writing journey! :)

  2. Awesome interview. I feel like I know you better, Ashley! Great job, sis!