27 July, 2010

Once Upon "A Lady"

For almost 200 years Miss Jane Austen has captivated the world. Why is it? She was not rich, had no title, and never even married. Yet, people love her work. I was introduced to Jane as a young girl of thirteen. I became enamoured with her style technique and her comedic situations. Not to mention that Jane’s heroines always get the guy in the end.
But why have men and women for generations fell in love with her and her work?
Because we can connect with the characters, who are not perfect and regularly mess up. Just take Emma Woodhouse for an instance, she ‘thought’ she matched her governess with a widower and the idea was planted in her head that she should continue. Her match-making resulted in almost losing her best friend and the man she truly loved. Then there is Elizabeth Bennet, who was very much blinded by prejudice to see Wickham for his true colors. Or Catherine Norland’s vivid imagination got her into trouble numerous times.
Ladies whether you want to admit it or not we all want a man who once he loves you, his feelings are not persuaded. Such as Mr. Darcy or Capt. Wentworth, when they fell in love, nothing could change their mind. Yes, ladies there are men out there who do love and they love deeply… and forever!
Jane never knew what her legacy was to be. She had no idea that she would become the best author in English literature, possibly in the world. Jane never married, but loved deeply. She was a hopeless romantic to the core. Her characters were not fiction, they are real, they are average people. Who doesn’t have a little Marianne Dashwood in them or maybe you have a little bit more of Jane Bennet in you. Whoever it is, you can connect, you can relate to their circumstances. Because no matter the time period men and women still encounter financial hardships, losing loved ones, and family who drive you crazy!
Jane’s legacy has also inspired many who dream of being a writer, such as myself. Whenever I think, I will never make a difference in the world. I try to think, Jane never expected to still be entertaining audiences for almost 200 years. Jane has taught me to never underestimate myself, that although I may be young I can someday make a difference. No I don’t expect my own work to be as brilliant as hers, but if my work changes the life of one person. I have changed the world.
I have no doubt 200 years from now, Jane’s work will still be captivating people around the world. She is timeless and though she never imagined her work to make this much of an impact on the lives of so many, it has and will continue to do so.


  1. I think we can relate to Jane and her works because they were an actual reflection of real life. Unlike most of the fiction these days. Jane knew how to touch our hearts romantically and teach us a lesson in the process without being too preachy.

  2. @VeronicaLeigh- Couldn't have said it better myself! :)